One Step Today…A Leap For Tomorrow

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What one small step can you take this week to move you closer to your goal? Asked by The Doer’s Way.  I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday night and I was not happy with what I saw.  I saw a woman struggling, tired, depressed, anxious, unclear, scared, unfocused, and desperate.  I saw nothing of the woman I am working to become.  And I asked myself, “How can I be an example for change if I’m not fulfilling my own obligations?”  There are these moments of pure strength that I know come from real alignment and it feels like I’m flying—I know I am capable.  And then I feel like I can’t even walk.

 Getting where we want to go means understanding the momentum that is life.  It never stops and there is no way to know what comes next at every turn.  Bob Goff said, “Embrace uncertainty.  Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”  Playing the cards you’re dealt is essentially what it boils down to.  Life moves and you can learn to dance with it or you can get dragged with it.  I have spoken words affirming our power, my power in deciding what life looks like. 

The beauty with being unhappy about where I am at is that I can change it.  I can make a new decision and turn this around.  There are things that I know I will struggle with—such as anxiety—but I can develop new tools to work through it.  So the small step that I am taking this week to get closer to my goal is to decide.  I’m not looking to plan anything out, but I am looking to decide on what I want this beautiful life to look like. I will affirm the things I want in my life and let go of waffling and non-committal behaviors.  I will no longer let myself off the hook.  That level of discipline will be the kindest thing I can do for myself.

Believe in your magic, have faith in nature and trust your intuition.  Be who you need to be and bring yourself peace.—Sandra Nason Sewell.

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