Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for love.  I love my strength, especially the strength I have had to dig for over the last few days.  I love that, even as I feel I am breaking, I am able to be there for my family and I am able to pick myself up.  I love that my brain is stubborn enough to keep going in the midst of what feels like catastrophic failure.  I am grateful that I keep trying to give myself the love I need even when I feel less than zero.  All of this means that somewhere deep inside, I know I am worthy.

Today I am grateful for laughter.  Hearing my husband when he is caught off guard when he finds something really funny and lets out his genuine laugh makes me smile.  My child’s laugh, so innocent and absolutely full of soul completely melts my heart—that is one of the best sounds in the entire universe.  I am grateful to hear these sounds because those are the sounds of life.

Today I am grateful to stop.  The universe is far wiser than myself and it has stopped any plans that I have in their tracks.  For the first time I am ok with this because a simple pause is not enough.  It is time for a full stop, a full accountability check, a full realignment with what I need to do.  Now is the time to stop and simply think before moving forward.  It is time to pick the intention, to set the intention and then move—not before.

Today I am grateful for understanding.  After a week of high emotional stress and anxiety, I needed some understanding from my family.  I was feeling isolated and unsure and just having a little support was needed.  I am grateful that my husband took the time to help me today.  He got me out of the house for a bit and he let me vent some frustrations.  It felt good to be heard.

Today I am grateful for organizing and cleaning.  I am so guilty of allowing my environment to get disorganized and chaotic, especially when I am not feeling myself.  I took the time today to get the house back in order—or at least started to get back in order.  Taking a little time to put things where they belong and to clean really helped me.

Today I am grateful to get my mind back in order.  While I’m not 100%, I am much better than I was last week at this time and that is saying something.  I feel much more focused than I did, so while I’m not completely relaxed this week, having something to focus on and knowing what steps to take next helps me feel better.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, positive week!

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