When Your Bookstore Disappears

light bulb beside books on shelf

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

I went to the bookstore on my lunch break today, really excited to find a particular book.  I arrived at the all-too-familiar location and saw the store was closed.  Like, empty store, sign taken down type of closed.  I wanted to cry because this is the second time I’ve gone to one of my favorite bookstores to find it inexplicably closed–tears were involved the first time but that’s a story for another day.  I gathered my composure and did a quick search to find that the store had been moved down the street.

I drove over to the new spot and found it was a totally new store.  The store was not just a new location, but an entirely new layout and design from any that I had been familiar with.  One of the employees let me know that this new style that the chain is looking to implement.

It got me thinking about how people bore so easily that we have to keep coming up with new ways to entice people.  We have to constantly keep things fresh by changing what we know—often as we are just getting accustomed to how things are.  We want sleek and sharp and new—and we want it instantly.  We move on as quickly as the idea passes into our mind, never happy with the way things are.  Life does warrant that we should evolve as needed but we tend to change things just for the sake of change, to be the newest, biggest, and boldest.  The most innovative, the most eye catching, the most sales.

We need to slow down and reprioritize.  New isn’t always better but old isn’t always defunct.  Adaptation is meant as a means of survival, not as a gimmick to get sales.  In short, it’s about purpose.  Understanding the point and the goal of what we want to accomplish.  I am all for recognizing the need to change but I also want to advocate for the intention behind it.  If your intention isn’t to serve the greater good or to bring yourself to your highest purpose, then what is the change for?  Power? Accolades? Or is it about finding your purpose and helping to move everyone collectively forward to their highest good?

Whether we find ourselves searching for our familiar bookstore or we are searching for our highest good, there are times when change happens.  There are times when change is necessary.  Sometimes we can plan for it, sometimes it comes out of nowhere.  The point is that we do need a certain level of adaptability but we also need a certain level of reason behind the movement.  Activity without purpose is just busy work.  Purpose is what gives us direction and drive.  So take the changes as they come, look for the new location of the store, and do your best to go with it.

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