Small Kids, Big Reminders

kigoa football on green grass during daytime

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We sat out with our neighbors this weekend and met some new neighborhood kids.  They didn’t hesitate to play with our boys and teach them some new tricks on their bicycle and to play some football with them.  I feel so privileged to witness the absolute openness of kids.  They never hesitate with new people and experiences.  They talk to each other and they always do rather than overthink a situation.  They don’t qualify who is worthy of engaging and associating with them—they just go for it.

The world is small as we also found out during this play date that these kids were coached by a friend of our neighbor.  Sometimes we are taken right where we need to be even if we can’t see it at the time.  There is something to be said for being open to experience.  Being able to witness this in children is amazing because it is an example to keep that quality alive in ourselves as well.  To keep practicing that acceptance as we go through life.

According to our current way of life, we are so conditioned to compete and qualify and struggle to do it all on our own.  Kids still know how to work together and how to help without expectation.  They know how to accept each other without expectation as well.  They never question whether or not they can do something and if they can’t, they just keep trying.  And they know how to encourage each other too.  Yes, they have frustration and yes they want to give up, but they are resilient—far more resilient than a lot of adults.

The lesson in this brief interaction is simply that we are always taken where we are meant to be.  So we can trust.  It’s our own perceptions and emotions that twist the story and skew our purpose.  We have to learn to take our own stories out of the equation and listen to the voice of intuition in spite of being told to ignore it.

I have always believed in synchronicity but, like all of us, I tend to forget it or I don’t notice it as often as I should.  When the blatant reminders of synchronicity occur, I am in awe each and every time—and I am grateful.  We have a purpose and things truly happen for a reason.  Knowing that and experiencing those reminders truly is a gift.  Remembering that childlike openness to the world, the feeling we all had before the need to control set it, is also a gift.  That feeling is never too far and we need to connect with that more often.  I am trying my best to remember this.  And I see it’s little steps every day to stay in touch with that part of ourselves and they are necessary.  Each step is a chance to find what we’ve known all along and to share it with the world–just like our children.

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