Surprise Lessons


When taking the dog out this morning he almost stepped on a moth right outside our front door.  It was large and I could tell it was hurt immediately.  It looked like its wings had been ripped as the rusty red color was missing from a lot of it.  I picked it up and brought it inside to see what I could do for it.  I got a box, prepped some sugar water on a cotton ball and went back outside for some grass and twigs.  He rested in my son’s room away from the cats.

Whenever an animal literally lands in my life like that, I always take it as a sign.  I started looking up the spiritual meaning of moths and found a ton of different things.  Everything from blindly following our desires like a moth to flame to what we are hiding from ourselves.  But one interpretation that stuck out to me was that we must focus on the correct direction and that we must not allow others to transform us ( Life changes quickly and it is easy to be shaped by the will of the world rather than by our intuition.

Sometimes the application of the message isn’t immediately clear and I’m still trying to get some clarity on where exactly it fits for me.  I’ve been erratic lately, unclear, unable to focus so maybe this creature was more a symbol to bring attention to my flightiness, a message to pay attention to the direction I’m really going.  We found out today that we could possibly lose the house we’ve been working on getting since May so I have a lot of emotion around it.  Our current home has been in utter chaos for the last month as we are trying to move into the next phase and now it seems it may have been all for nothing.

This is the clearest example that our plans mean nothing.  We can do exactly what we are meant to and if the universe has a different plan in place, there is nothing that will stop it.  It’s also a clear lesson in non-attachment.  Getting attached to an outcome is what causes the pain.  It isn’t up to us to determine how things happen, it is only up to us to go with what is meant for us.

So, this synchronicity of finding this beautiful moth led me to see that there are some things I still need to work on as far as control.  The only thing I can control is myself.  There will always be unknowns and multiple variables in this world—we could never account for them all.  It is only our job to learn to go with it.  The only thing I can assume is that there is a greater reason for all of this confusion happening.  Perhaps something is wrong with this new house that we don’t know about.  It could be anything, but I can trust that when the time is right, we will get where we need to be.

I feel so grateful to have found this moth.  I honestly thought it was hours away from death and I only wanted to give it some comfort.  I kept checking on it and this beautiful, resilient little creature was still able to fly and to eat—so I released it.  Just as I am releasing any expectation about what is coming next in my life.  There may be unexpected detours and pain, but I can give myself the time to heal, just like I did for that moth, and learn to fly again.

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