Sunday Gratitude


Today I am grateful for release.  Or perhaps, acceptance is the word.  I have been holding so tight to the idea of the type of house I need and the things I want to build in my life that I didn’t take into account what I was building them for.  I was focused on the end result and not on the greater good in the circumstance.  Now I feel a sense of contentment in letting go of the attachment.  The pressure feels off.

Today I am grateful for some familiarity.  We haven’t gone out much in the last few months other than to grocery shop so today we took a little time to wander in a book store.  It felt so good to wander amongst the familiar friends of new titles in the aisles.  I picked up a few things to go on some new adventures at home.

Today I am grateful to take steps toward peace.  As a person with anxiety I tend to fall back into patterns really easily because it’s a form of comfort.  The repetition, the known makes me feel better.  Even though I was seeking comfort today and the known did make me feel better, I was looking for different elements, the next step to get me past my discomfort.  With all the personal chaos lately it would have been easy to repeat the patterns, but I made conscious choices to look for answers in new places.  Progress.

Today I am grateful to have some fun trying new things.  My son and I baked some cloud bread this morning.  So much fun!  His excitement was palpable in the anticipation he showed as he waited for the bread to bake.  We had it for breakfast as a fun family treat and it was so good.  See the picture above 😊

Today I am grateful for love.  My husband and I spent a lot of time talking today, discussing the future and what our options are with the house, our businesses, and our family.  We spoke with each other and took our time walking through all the details trying to figure out what we want to do.  It felt peaceful and genuinely caring to have that kind of talk.  While we didn’t arrive at all the answers, we settled ourselves by working together, and taking care of each other.

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