Motivation-Recognizing Personal Accountability

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I know I need to do more.  I am happy with the progress I have made but the work that has gone into preparing my house for sale has shown me that I need to reprioritize my time.  I NEED to make more time for the things I love.  I’m not really a dirty person but I let laziness take over far too often.  When you live in a small space, things that usually need to be done monthly need to be done weekly, things that need to be done weekly really have to be done daily, and things that need to be done daily sometimes need to be done multiple times a day.  That is not how I want to spend my time.  So I let a lot slide.

While I work hard, I often allow myself to poop out sooner than is needed.  I let myself believe that my 9-5 is “enough” for the day so I go too easy on myself in the evening.  Yes, I have a toddler, a husband, and animals that also need my attention, but there are things that I love and need to do—for myself.  I let those fall to the wayside because they aren’t providing my income right now.

If I want to progress to where I want to be, I know I need to become more strategic and organized with my time.  I need to take more steps to develop my vision.  It’s simply a matter of focus and commitment.  I am serious and dedicated, but I need to take additional action—more correct action to get where I want to be.  And more planned action to get it all done.  The concept of work harder not smarter definitely applies here.

There is a lot I need to teach myself about where I’m going so I need to stop saying no to the opportunities that are going to teach me about where I want to be.  I’m a stubborn person so I want to do a lot on my own—and I struggle with trusting people so forming relationships and sharing my vision with them makes me feel vulnerable.  Saying yes to things will either connect me with the people I need in my life or it will teach me what I need to know to get it done.

I’ve been planning on revisiting the work I did with B-School because I have a greater understanding of it now.  So  maybe it isn’t that I need to do more but that I need to take the right steps. Again, work smarter not harder.

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