The Impact of Self-Love

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“When you stop expecting you from people, you stop getting hurt” Morgan Richard Olivier.  TRUTH.  The Buddha said that the cause of all suffering was desire.  So we can essentially say that when we have a desire from people to behave a certain way, or an expectation of people to behave a certain way we suffer.  This is so important in our discussion about breaking down our current paradigms.  We live with the unspoken expectation that people will meet our expectations at all times.  That other people will be what we want them to be.  Whether it is friendships or romantic relationships or even with family or work, we often have unspoken beliefs and demands about how people will fulfill our needs.

When we really look at our lives, how often do you identify that you were hurt or let down by other people?  How often do you feel anger or disappointment that something didn’t go your way?

The greatest form of self-love is to allow people to simply be who they are.  The aggravation and frustration and hurt go away the instant we allow people to move as they need to.  The power of that feeling is amplified as we learn to go the way we need to as well.

It is also the greatest act of compassion we can show to others.  The world as it is now runs on the idea that we need to behave and be a certain way to fit in.  And the idea that we need to fit in somewhere that is already described, defined, and desirable.  While we envy those who have carved their own path, we are told we aren’t supposed to do that for ourselves.  So allowing people to explore and discover who they are really allows them to find and express themselves as they are.  That is when the magic happens.

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