Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for synchronicity.  We instinctually know when it is time to move forward but have been trained to deny this knowledge in favor of playing it “safe”.  It may feel comfortable to stay with the known but we find ourselves outside of our comfort zones and when we ask for something the universe delivers as long as it was meant for us.  When it is time to follow the new path we are pushed to that point and we need to take the leap—sometimes before we feel ready.  When those moments come, LEAP.

A great example of synchronicity:  I took two days off of work to clean and prep the house and I lost it early morning on the second day.  I was trying to clean the stove and burst into tears realizing that the oven door wasn’t coming clean and that my husband wasn’t home to help me—and we still had almost half the house to finish.  I called him begging him to come home so we could meet our deadline to have pictures taken that night, and he couldn’t make it. Right at that moment, I got a text from our realtor asking if we were still good for that night.  I sobbed even harder because the weight immediately dropped off of my shoulders as I apologized and asked to move the appointment to the next morning.  It all worked out.  My sister then came over that afternoon and took my son and her daughter out for a walk and right after they left, the mortgage company called with our new approval.  We were able to finalize all financial details while she had him out and finish the house for photos.

Today I am grateful for clarity.  As my family prepares to move we are clearing and packing and arranging.  While this is a huge undertaking (and emotionally exhausting) it is also an opportunity to make decisions about our lives.  The people we are becoming and the life we are building may not contain the same things that were important to us when we arrived here.  Moving is also moving forward, moving to the next level and with that we are making new choices about what we want our life to look like.  We are working through what is important to us in the next phase and releasing the rest.

Today I am grateful for intention.  Following synchronicity and clarity, the universe responds to intention.  We set the intention to get a bigger space and to dive into new possibilities and we took the aligned steps to make that happen.  Things haven’t happened exactly how I envisioned them, but the timing of everything that happened was beyond coincidence.

Today I am grateful for my gratitude practice.  Chaos easily enters our lives (whether by choice or natural circumstances—sometimes both at once) so taking the time to feel and express the gratitude for what we have built is incredibly important.

Today I am grateful for my partner.  My husband has always been a wonderful man but initially struggled to be a partner.  As we embark on this new level together, I am seeing his evolution and his desires change and he has become the person he wanted to be.  All of that potential hidden by fear held him back and now he has released those blocks.  The universe flows in the second we decide who we want to become and it is amazing to be on the receiving end, to know that my efforts are reciprocated.

Today I am grateful for potential.  The possibilities of what we can do with our lives is endless.  We can literally make anything we imagine come to fruition.  Potential has always thrilled me—it excites me to picture what could be.  Vision is even more exciting when you start working toward what you see.  I consider it a privilege and a gift to work with the universe on creating and fulfilling our potential.

Today I am grateful for some down time.  I’ve been working incredibly hard over the last four days and I am thrilled to not meal prep for a weekend, to not have anywhere in particular to be, to not have to finish anything by today.  We were still able to get a lot done (shopping, finalizing documents, etc.) but the pressure was off as we took these additional things off of our list. There is value in rest and it’s easy to forget that.  I am happy to have the privilege to take advantage of that rest.

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