Sunday Gratitude

close up photography of water lily

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Today I am grateful for the consistent signs the Universe is always sending.  There comes a time when we need a little reminder about what we are supposed to be doing.  I am incredibly grateful for when those reminders come as I need them.  In the midst of multiple shifts in this world, it helps to have some guidance.

Today I am grateful for strengthening my relationship with myself.  I have felt such an awakening, an opening in who I am over the last few weeks and the difference in operating from a place of self-assurance and faith is far better than looking for direction in the opinions of others who can’t run their own life.  It gets easier trusting your own intuition the more you do it.

Today I am grateful for strengthening my relationship with my husband. In 19 years together, this last week has been the best we have every had communication wise.  I have never felt closer to him and we have never opened up this much to each other.  We became a couple very young and much of the growth we needed was delayed because we were focused on each other rather than maturing.  Now is a new day and it feels like the veil lifted.  I have never felt more secure and that has improved the security in my relationship as well—maybe the certainty in my relationship.

Today I am grateful for family projects.  We are doing some work around the house and it felt great to work on them together.  Listening to music, painting, taping, meal prep…I loved the communal, collaborative energy of coming together to get things done.

Today I am grateful for spontaneity.  To piggy back off of the universe sending signs, I am grateful for knowing when to go with it.  We have been talking to our neighbors for the last few weeks about showing our house and randomly yesterday, they contacted us.  The house was completely not show ready, we were just beginning to scrub and paint—but we said yes anyway.  It went really well.  Sometimes you just have to say screw it and let what comes, come.

Today I am grateful for reminders of what a badass I am.  I needed the kick in the butt to remind me to stop playing small, to remain unstoppable, and to not settle for less.  Going big, going for the real dream is terrifying—especially when you don’t feel ready.  But the reality is I am even more terrified to not try and to look back wishing I had done something differently.  So why not simply go for it?

Today I am grateful to just be.  I’ve had big plans since I was a kid.  They were always bigger than I knew what to do with and I consistently let fear win out.  I am learning that the universe takes us where we need to be right when we are supposed to be there.  Recognizing the ability to turn this life into one that I love has shifted my perspective immensely.  The universe plays with us, showing us bits and pieces of possibilities and asks that we join in the game.  As we relax into who we are, the acceptance transforms everything around us.  So I am grateful to simply be.

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