Self-Imposed Cages


close up photo of chain link fence

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Our reality is shaped by our thoughts.  Our actions follow our thought and creates the reality we see.  I had an overwhelming sense of questioning my current position when I was at my 9-5 and finished work really early.  And I realized that I had to stay there trying to create a way to be productive for the rest of the day.  A ton of questions started spinning through my head because, you know, down time.

Why do we continue to work 8 non-productive hours when we have so many other things we can be doing?  Why do we think the world has to look this way any longer?  We know that we can do better and that we can do things differently: so why aren’t we working toward that? Who says it has to be like this? Why do we deny what we love?  Why are we so anxious and chaotic in our thought patterns and why do we play this game where we have to down play anything good that happens to us?  Why do we have the compulsive need to label and define—everything?  How to we stop forcing others to see everything our way?  When do we silence our egos and listen to learn from each other?

All of this comes down to choice—including these cages we build for ourselves.  We feel it coming, we know it’s wrong.  But we still do it.  So that’s the next question.  Why do we go along with things we know are wrong?  What is the real issue?  Is it our herd mentality?  Fears of the unknown that keep us circling the same path?  Our need for individualism that leads us to the same path anyway? We strive to be so unique and to prove that we are better than others in order to validate our worth. And on that note, our need for individualism causes us to act out in ways that are dangerous and attention seeking rather than productive.  Why do we simultaneously do nothing to change but cry about how we need it?

I’m guilty of it as well.  I know what needs to be done but I fail to maintain the change.  I know it’s partly because of how I’m wired but it’s also because of all the distraction I allow in my life.  I hadn’t been careful for a long time with the input I was allowing to inundate me.  When you learn to value yourself, you value your time and the things you focus on.  You’re more attentive to how your surroundings impact you and you eliminate the things that don’t serve.

It is in that elimination of the distraction and the extraneous that you define what is important to you and you start to spend more of your time consciously choosing what you want to focus on.  Energy is currency and where you put your attention is where you spend your currency.  If we have that much power over our minds, we have that much power about the lives we want to build.  That freedom means we can build anything we want with our precious time here.

As you change and consciously direct your focus you will see that the biggest cage we put ourselves in is the cage that says we must play the game and become a certain way in the game to be worth anything.  To play the game of building the same life as we have been told without ever questioning why.  The cage of blindly accepting what we are told.  More to come…

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