Sunday Gratitude

composition of buddha statues on marble stand

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Today I am grateful for an amazing weekend with family.  I was privileged enough last weekend to spend some much needed time with my sister and this weekend I was able to enjoy time with my brother and father and my husband’s side as well.  I didn’t realize I had been missing some connection so it was really nice to have that time together.

Today I am grateful for communication.  I had one of the most profound conversations with my husband this morning—something we rarely do, something I have been wanting to do for a long time—and it shifted a lot for me.  We took 30 minutes out of our day and the things we talked about cleared years of history we had been sitting on.  Things I didn’t even know he thought about anymore, things I have long since changed my perspective on, all of the clearing brought us into the present.  It felt like we made leaps forward in areas I didn’t realize how stagnant we were.

Today I am grateful for appreciation.  It was so nice to be appreciated and seen simply for who I am and to know that there is value.  I know that we shouldn’t seek validation from outside sources, but I have to admit that part of me still feels good when recognized.

Today I am grateful for being outside.  Not a new one for me, but I truly enjoy being outside and spending time doing things outdoors.  And I love the reminder to get myself moving.  My son was able to play on an inflatable water slide today and in a sandbox so it was awesome to see him having so much fun.

Today I am grateful for time with my son—and cuddles as a family.  We spent some time this morning (before we got ready to go) sitting on the couch and cuddling.  I feel so lucky to get to have those quiet moments with my kid.  Those times before work begins, or before we are really doing anything for the day.  I enjoy holding him like that, while he is still small enough.  I love being a mom, as hard as it is, I love being his mom.

Today I am grateful to be making decisions.  I have been increasingly more decisive over the last few months and I am steadily improving.  Perhaps it isn’t the decisions themselves (because I still don’t always get it “right”) but the PROCESS of making decisions.  Each one leading and guiding toward a result—and movement is key.  Knowing it is ok to make the decision that is right for me is also a form of connection.

Today I am simply grateful…

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