Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for healing.  I experienced my first spiritual healing session today.  It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time because I used to be a massage therapist so the fields go hand in hand (pun intended).  I feel profoundly aware and vulnerable but I see this as the entry to healing and accepting what needs to be done.  And the catalyst to do and maintain the work.

Today I am grateful for presence.  This piggy backs off of healing.  Shortly after the session today I realized that I haven’t ever allowed myself to be fully present.  My mind is always going a million miles an hour and I’m constantly flitting between things.  Many of us accept this as the norm, the expectation of how we function.  I never learned how to silence those thoughts long enough to hear what needed to be done next.  To hear my own intuition.  I have preached this for years and I am more aware now that I have to be even more diligent in practicing it.  It’s easy to forget the benefits of slowing down when we praise and relish pushing and over achieving.  However, it’s easy to remember how good it feels when we are truly in the moment.

Today I am grateful for healthy food.  I always try to keep most of my diet healthy.  I’ve had some unhealthy habits over the years so I make a point of keeping a good percentage of my diet clean—I’m human and I still have my weaknesses but I feel amazingly grateful when I am able to prepare fresh vegetables for morning meals and lunches.  I love seeing the color and knowing it’s something simple I can do for my body.

Today I am grateful for cuddles with my son.  Prior to leaving for the session, my son wanted some time with me—or maybe it was me, it wasn’t really clear.  Either way, I sat with him in my arms, kissing his hair, and I found myself wanting that moment to stretch on forever.  This tiny human is a million times more perceptive than me—and probably a million times more receptive as well—and that connection made me feel whole.

Today I am grateful to feel peace.  This resulted from a combination of things—doing laundry yesterday, waking early to prepare for today, spending time early with my son, the healing, sitting in silence—but I feel a lulling calm in my mind right now.  I see how much work it takes to feel this way and I understand now that the price and the effort is worth it.  All of the extraneous things I try to control, try to make perfect are energy drains.  THIS moment is where that energy is spent well.  And I love it.

Today I am grateful to simply be.  I am so grateful for the daily reminders and the little things that make it so wonderful to be alive.  The smell of my sons hair, the sound of the knife on the cutting board preparing meals, a long hug from someone I haven’t connected with in a while, talking with family, a look from my husband.  Whatever “being” means to you, no matter what it looks like, if you can be happy with that, then you are truly blessed.

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