Power Illusion

bulb close up electricity energy

Photo by LED Supermarket on Pexels.com

It’s time to grow up and understand that we have no power over what happens in this world.  We have power over ourselves.  It’s about finding where our goals really need to be.

Power is an illusion we carefully create to manipulate people into our own world, into playing specific parts for us.  We are never taught to claim our inherent power because that might be offensive and anyone who claims the power they own is seen as intimidating and treated with a sense of, “who does she think she is?”  We are taught that our power is never something to show brazenly to the world while at the same time we are expected to garner authority—but only in the “right” way.

Living with this contradiction causes aggression and confusion because we can never really tell when it is acceptable to just let go and be who we are.  We have personas and images we present to the world and we spend all of our time crafting, creating, ploying, and are fed the lie we have to scheme to get what we want.  What if we were taught something else?

When we start to look at our lives and think about what we want, we see that there are infinitely better uses for our time than forcing people to fit into our little molds.  When we learn a new way we don’t waste our power trying to manipulate others, we use our power to shape ourselves.

When we are ushered into this life we have an inherent gift in that we can create whatever kind of life we want.  Ironically we are trained from birth to tame that gift and to hop on the “same train” and to head toward the same goals as everyone else and there the power struggle begins.  When we believe that resources are limited human nature dictates that we fight each other and how beautiful is our system that we fight each other rather than the system.

So pause.  When we realize fighting is a symptom of lack and that the lack we are looking for can not be filled with external things/power from others (who will never conform to what we want anyway) then we can learn to eliminate that lack in other ways.  Through joy.  Through finding things that excite us and interest us.  Through being who we are.

The amazing thing from there is once we claim our power that power expands.  Suddenly the things we were craving show up.  The things we wanted show up.  The people we need to help us on our mission show up.  It’s all there waiting for us once we let go of the idea we need to control the world.  All we have to do is work with it—the world can do the rest on its own.

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