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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The idea that we are all pieces of a giant puzzle has always intrigued me.  When put together we create an image.  Now look at the pieces on the outside—the ones that aren’t quite right for the project you’re working on. Some possibly from a different puzzle, maybe a center piece you’ve tried to make a corner.  They just don’t fit.  They don’t fit with what they are told is normal or expected.  They feel different about what we are told to strive for.  The question then is do we want to continually force ourselves to fit where we don’t belong?  Or do we want to recognize what we are actually trying to build and create a new picture?  Find the right puzzle for all the pieces.

Some of us have been so comfortable in our bubbles that we never even considered the option of changing the picture.  It’s like this when we don’t consider what things are like for other people.  We hold so tightly to our stories as if our present will crumble to see the reality.  And the truth is—reality WILL crumble.  We have to learn understanding perception and what history means.  People constantly interpret what happens/happened according to their experiences—so your history is merely the story you tell yourself.  And nothing can change it no matter what.  You can only strive to learn and move on.

Our egos protect these stories and create victims, villains, and victors to make sense of it.  It’s natural but we can do better.  With awareness of the mind and how it works we become responsible to pause and realize we’re only telling a story—not the objective events that happened.

We’re complex both exclusionary and trying to become everything all at once.  Like we are proud our individual identities are made up of pieces of everyone else, the assumption and assimilation of things that don’t belong to us.  We decide we like something and we take it as our own and discard the rest of where it came from.  We are bawdy rebels, pillaging and stealing what we like and condemning what we don’t.  How do we learn to create something for ourselves?

We have to make it more feasible for people to create and share ourselves.  We are striving and straining to clutch to the ideas we were sold rather than being comfortable with changing the narrative.  Changing that narrative involves being comfortable with change and learning to own our communication (more to come on that).  And it all comes down to the story you want to tell.

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