Enduring Change

close up of snail on ground

Photo by invisiblepower on Pexels.com

I’ve been so adamant about change.  I’ve been quick to tell others what to do.  I’ve had strong opinions about people not understanding how “simple” it is to change.  I’ve treated it as a logical thing, ignoring the emotions attached to change.  I was wrong.

It’s human nature to get caught up in the emotion of a situation because our emotions are little survival detectors telling us whether or not we should pursue something.  We get skewed, however, and immediately respond to change with fear.  It’s an unknown element and we aren’t very skilled at adapting any longer as most of us look to settle in one place and search for continuity and routine at every turn. Throw in multiple changes at once and people have gone absolutely off their rockers.

Nature has its own continuity—seasons, sunrises, sunsets.  We have to relax into it rather than try to tame it and control it.  That is the simple secret to enduring any change: witness and adapt.  Life is short and it is fragile and the truth is it can change at any time.  It is better to spend that time productively working with what we can do rather than wasting time trying to control things that simply aren’t ours to control.

Part of the continuity of nature is also that things change and decay, fall apart and come together again.  Part of our cycle is to let things run their course.  Once you can settle into the certainty of uncertainty, things flow.  Humans are really good at telling stories and the most common one we tell ourselves is that our goal is to create a life that consists of wealth and material goods.  What about those that don’t believe in that?  What about those who have a different goal?  What about those who are called in a different direction?  Our stories are designed to make us feel better but we also use them to define, classify, and separate ourselves.

Enduring change is about finding our common ground, not creating division.  Enduring change is about finding the stories that bring us together.  When we are together we can create purpose.  The universe guides people toward what is theirs and we have forgotten that what is ours is meant to serve the whole.  We have looked at our purpose as something that creates our legacy and will create wealth and power.  We can no longer forget that our purpose is to share our gifts.

In the face of change, not only is it beneficial to relax into it, it is also key to learn from it.  Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” we can ask, “What is this teaching me?”  The universe cares very little for our egos—and it certainly doesn’t have the time to target you to make your life miserable.  The universe wants you to stand up and claim what is yours and to give it to anyone who also needs the message.

Change isn’t something to fear: it is something to celebrate.  It is a comforting sign that things are running their natural course and it is time for the next level.  Embrace it.  Trust it.  Trust yourself.

**Additional Note** I started writing this piece and two days later I learned that my company is merging with another health system—the universe works in mysterious ways 😊

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