On Edge

man standing on cliff

Photo by @joagbriel on Pexels.com

I want to preface this with the fact that I spoke a few months back about the wonderful opportunities this time affords us and I still believe that.  To say there is a lot going on in the world is an understatement. But there is a truth that can no longer be ignored: People have lost their minds.  For the first time I feel it is totally logical.

We are trying to survive in the usual way in the midst of completely unprecedented circumstances.  As a whole we are experiencing a deep trauma that, for some, already existed on some level, and is being exacerbated by the current climate.  From the highest levels of authority in our country, we are not being supported.  We are being fed to the masses like some sacrifice and being told to pretend like this situation doesn’t exist.

There are signs of emotional fatigue in everyone as we are forced to alter our entire lives with no results.  That sets the stage for many to ignore the circumstances and act in self-serving ways.  Translate: we are put in an uncomfortable situation because there is something dangerous but the danger never goes away so we get bored seeing no results and ignore the danger.  IE not wearing masks and opening businesses.  All of this creates animosity amongst each other instead of directing it at the issue.  When we spend our time angry at what is shown to us we don’t look at what is really happening and we can’t address it.

It’s the perfect storm right now.  Our financial resources are being taken from us and we are still expected to maintain our lives.  We are told that it isn’t safe to be around people but we aren’t given the means to stay away.  We are told we have to stay inside but we didn’t flatten the curve enough so the disease isn’t going away so it feels like nothing is changing.  Then we pretend nothing is wrong and we open up again, prematurely, and we are going to exacerbate the situation.

When people are under any one stress in particular for an extended period of time they can become emotionally reactive.  Put all of these things together, misinformation, fear, loss, confusion, and you have a soup of people who feel like cornered dogs—and they will lash out.

We have been taught our whole lives that we have power and that we are in control and this situation has unequivocally demonstrated that we never had control.  It has also shown how fragile the human ego is.  People are searching for things to be offended over (no, a mask is not a personal attack) and we are losing sight of what is really important: we are all human and need to learn to support each other.  Your ego and your feelings are not socially protected entities.  Get over yourself and do the right thing: for all.

We are raw and vulnerable right now.  we are seeing the underbelly of our society more openly than before—and make no mistake it is necessary to witness this.  We are seeing race issues, we are seeing corruption, we are seeing a public health issue.

All of these things are resulting in people losing it over the most innocuous and inane things.  We need to pause because we can all see how people are thisclose to losing it.  But we also need to take the next step.  Becoming angry and reactive toward each other is never going to solve all of these issues.  Educating ourselves about how and why things are as they are is key and we have to learn to not repeat our own history.  We need a strong focus on personal accountability and a willingness to learn how to change.  Not just a willingness but an understanding of the urgency of the necessity of change.  And in order to do that we all need to learn to get on the same page as well.

The only way to get on the same page is to create a system that actually serves and works for the people.  We have been too power hungry for so long that we’ve lost sight of our humanity on so many levels.  And perhaps those are merely remnants of human behavior—but we are at a point now where we can change that.  I am praying we all want to.

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