Sunday Gratitude

body of water

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Today I am grateful for amazing time spent with my family.  In celebration of Father’s Day, my husband, son, and I went fishing at the little lake by our house.  My brother called while we were out and asked us to come over and celebrate with our father as well.  So we packed up and drove over and we all spent the morning and early afternoon fishing by them.  It was such a lovely time and a moment I will cherish forever.

Today I am grateful for time spent outdoors.  Not only were we together, we were in nature enjoying the quiet, the stillness, and the absolute peace and simplicity of being outside.  It felt wonderful to connect with nature and to leave everything else aside.

Today I am grateful for things turning out unexpectedly.  My control issues have repeatedly come to focus this last week and I have struggled to let go when things looked like they weren’t turning out as planned.  But cosmic humor prevailed showing me that just because it didn’t look like I thought it would, everything still turned out how it was meant to.  And it is all fine.

Today I am grateful for the reminder to pause.  This is something I have been grateful for many times and it amazes me how it’s a lesson I need continual reminding of.  I KNOW how good it feels to let go and trust yet I allow myself to get caught up in the machine of routine and drive.  Sometimes not accomplishing something is exactly what you need to do to get done what needs to.

Today I am grateful for the universe showing me what is really important—the things I have really asked for.  Being with family, doing something healthy, taking care of each other, creating memories—those are the things that matter.  Using the time we have to do the things we enjoy with the people we love:  those are the things to never take for granted.

Today I am grateful for rest.  My mind has been in overdrive for the last week with no clear direction.  That means that nothing truly productive has been done.  It was all activity, not productivity.  Taking that pause really served as a reset.  Sometimes it isn’t right to push through and we have to stop in order to see which way to go.

Today I am grateful for life.  Echoing what I discussed above about being in sync with what is really important, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to make different decisions once those little reminders set in.  Life is the moments we create, it is doing what makes you feel alive, it is experience.  The experiences today nudged me in the direction I really want to go.

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