Four Words

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I’ve noticed that when I feel especially down that signs tend to flow even faster into my life.  It is usually during those times that I find more signs about perseverance and continuing on than I normally do.  I was scrolling through Instagram and I happened across an inspirational word-search puzzle.  The instructions were “The first four words describe your position right now.”  I was already feeling down and out and I figured if this was at least inspirational I couldn’t be any worse off.  So I played.

The first word for me was Self-care.  I found this to be perfect timing considering I have been feeling so out of sorts lately.  Self-care was high on my priority list as I felt the call to take better care and to take more time for care for myself.

The second word for me was Miracles.  Just when I had been feeling like all of my work was for nothing and that things weren’t panning out as they were meant to, I received the message that just because things weren’t happening as quickly as I thought they should be, it didn’t mean that things weren’t (or aren’t) coming together in the time they should.  That is a small miracle.  You see, the big results are often the result of the small steps we take every day so the reminder to keep going felt incredibly profound.

The third word for me was Intuition.  This is when it felt like lightening hit me.  During all of this external (and resulting internal) turmoil, I had been telling myself that I couldn’t hear my intuition—but that I needed to.  I already intuitively knew that I needed to listen to my intuition.  This is a challenge for me because you can’t just listen to your intuition—you have to trust it and then act on it.  The underlying issue really isn’t that I DON’T hear my intuition, it’s that I don’t TRUST it.

The fourth word for me was Family.  This has totally been at the forefront of my thoughts for the last few months.  I’m preparing to help my parents decide on their next steps in life—full retirement, moving, selling their house.  I’m also preparing to move my family into a bigger home.  All of the work I’ve been doing has been to secure this future.

Maybe it was just the mood I was in but clearly I connected with these words at that time.  So I kept going and found the next four. They were Gratitude, Money, Connection, Purpose.  BAM!!  I felt like these would actually logically be the next step after laying the foundation of self-care, believing in miracles, following intuition, and then caring for family.  With gratitude you open up to more miracles including money and connections—specifically connections to find and fulfill your purpose.

I didn’t stop there.  The next four were Strength, Breakthrough, Change, and Creation.  Mic Drop!!  Again, the logical next steps.  Once you find your purpose, you need strength to follow your intuition to fulfill your purpose.  This is often the breakthrough.  And breakthrough leads to change because of what we are creating.  Once we find our purpose we are often incited to create change.

You got it, I kept going.  The last three words I found were Love, Lessons, and Alignment.  Oh my friends, by this point I was weeping.  Change is not only brought about by creation and purpose, but also by love.  By finding our purpose, we are doing what we love.  And in love we learn the universal lesson that we are all human and we are all fundamentally worthy.  Aligning with that truth will always keep us aligned with our purpose.

The simple random act of crossing this puzzle and finding the links between those random words in that random order made it so evidently clear that the world, the universe is not random.  We are meant to find things at the right time.  This nudge profoundly reminded me of my connection to the universe, and I felt my sadness begin to wane.  I felt peace.  In these words I felt like I found the key to my path.  The steps.  Keep looking for your words my friends because the lessons are often in the most unexpected places.

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