Fun on Purpose

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The universe works in some pretty amazing ways sometimes. Yesterday we discussed the need to release the masks we create in order to live the life we are meant to.  We also discussed learning to settle in the in-between where we can learn more about who we are.  Today began with me waking up early to break my routine a little.  Really it was just to pay a bill I had forgotten to pay, but that is not something I would normally do.  My neurotic brain would normally worry and worry all day and then force myself to try and remember to pay it when I got home from work.  The whole day would have been filled with stress to remember to pay it.  Yes, I have been that crazy where I wouldn’t wake up 10 minutes early to simply pay a bill because it wasn’t my routine.

When it comes to taking control and directing my course, I realized that everything is about perspective.  I listened to a live event from Gabby Bernstein today and she was answering questions from the audience.  Someone was discussing their constant pushing.  The constant need to have control and push through.  How they couldn’t let go and always needed to be doing something to make progress toward their goals: and they were getting nowhere.  Gabby’s response was beautiful.  She said, “I hear no joy.  Absolutely no joy.  I’m prescribing you to 30 days of fun.  You need to have fun again.”  At these words something in my head just clicked.

I haven’t left a single centimeter of space in my life for fun.  I am always working.  Always obsessing over my goals.  I feel like any action not done in pursuit of that goal means that I am lazy and that I am not making any progress toward the life I want.  The audience member had laid out a similar story and Gabby also said, “It is in letting go and in having fun and not forcing our purpose that we find how to fulfill our purpose.  It is in having fun that we learn what to do.”  BAM.

So, with the million and one things that are going on in the world and in my life right now, I understand that I needed a reminder to have fun.  Having fun doesn’t negate or downgrade the seriousness of what is going on in the world nor does it mean that I am ignoring my purpose.  Having fun is the simplest way to invite the life back in.  It is the most effective way to bring you back to your path and experience what is both joyful and purposeful.

We can live without happiness or joy but that is all it will be: It is an existence but it is not a life.  Fulfilling our purpose and the path we take to get there is unique to each of us is what makes our life worth living.  It is the joy, the fun that opens us up to the possibilities that are meant for us.  A life that is purpose driven is necessary but it is equally necessary to enjoy it.

It is ok to take a break from the seriousness we create and to relish in the silliness and beauty.  Taking a moment to enjoy doesn’t mean we will lose that happiness and it doesn’t mean that we don’t take our purpose seriously.  We are meant to be happy.  We are meant to dance.  Find the song that calls to you and turn up the music.  Once you have your beat the rest will fall in place.

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