Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful to be surrounded by strong women.  I was able to speak with my mother and sisters today in celebration of Mother’s Day.  We had a beautiful, intense conversation and it really felt cathartic.  It was nice to celebrate together virtually.

Today I am grateful to simply feel validated in what I am feeling.  The emotions I have been experiencing as of late have been overwhelming and speaking with my sisters today helped.  It was a release to hear that I am not alone in what I am feeling and a relief to hear that no one knows what they are doing now.  I understand logically that most people will experience things differently at this time, but to HEAR that others are feeling the same thing without having to explain myself felt calming.

Today I am grateful to be able to reach out to new contacts for help.  That is not something I would normally do.  I’m typically the person who deals with the heavy lifting on my own, but I haven’t been able to do that lately.  I took a chance and reached out to a woman I just met a few weeks ago and she was able to give me some advice and some solace about where I’m at.

Today I’m grateful to understand that live is always evolving.  Again, we are all logically aware of this but as time goes on, it is easy to forget it practically.  It is easy to forget what change feels like and what it feels like to have to participate in something we may not have chosen.  The old adage, “We plan, God laughs,” seems highly applicable right now.  This saying is true during the most usual of circumstances.  Throw in the circumstances we are seeing today with this pandemic and there is no way to make a plan.  There is no way to treat this situation as normal.  We can not respond to the unknown in the known ways.

Today I am grateful for the little things that keep my feet on the ground.  I made French toast this morning.  I was constantly interrupted by my son during the family conference—reminding me that we are all ok and sometimes just need to get out of our heads.  I have my health.  I have support.  I know love.

Today I am grateful for dreams.  As I mentioned in the evolving paragraph, we have no way to know how to plan for what may be coming right now because we don’t know what is coming.  But I am so grateful to be able to have fun and imagine the possibilities that are out there.  It gives me some hope to think that we can change things.

Today I am grateful to have things to remain hopeful for—we all have things to remain hopeful for.  I hope for a positive future.  I hope for healing, emotionally and physically.  I hope for love and joy.  I hope for a return to self.  I hope for a return to personal accountability for everyone.  I hope for a time when people will remember the value of work and of not simply getting their way.  I hope for a time when we remember the value of people again.  I hope for a time of common goals and shared responsibility.  I hope for a time when we understand the value of serving our individual purpose and release the drive for homogeny.  I want us to explore and unleash all the colors of the world.

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