Sunday Gratitude

green leaves of exotic plant on branch in garden

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I’m grateful to rely on myself.  I’m grateful to trust in my ability to create the life I want for my family, for myself.  I’m grateful to take accountability for my needs and to admit what I need to do to get where I want to go. We are in the midst of a ton of changes in my house and for the first time, I feel like I have taken full accountability for where we are going.

I’m grateful to align with my authentic self. I’m grateful to give what I an and to understand what it means to give.  I’m grateful to find options to publish my work.  I used to fear giving, feeling like it would mean there is less for me because I had been taken advantage of in some painful ways previously.  Taking the chance to offer support has shown me how giving amplifies our own lives.

I’m grateful to have so much love in my life.  I am grateful to understand what that blessing means.  My kid, my husband, my animals, my entire family—there is so much joy in unconditional love.  Joy and security.

I am grateful for my health and the opportunity to choose what is important to me without guilt.  I am grateful to enjoy my life no matter what.  I used to believe that things had to look a certain way in my life in order to be of value or that they had to occur at a certain time, all things going exactly right in order for me to celebrate them.  With the current state of things, I’m seeing how there is so much beauty in life and it occurs all the time.

I am grateful to see the peace in the present moment and relax into it—to feel safe in the moment.  My mind easily jumps from fear to regret as I swing between anxiety about the future and depression.  Seeing how little control we have over the circumstances of the world allows me to appreciate the things I have accomplished and built.  There is something to be happy with in every moment.

I am grateful to share my knowledge and insight with those who ask for it.  I have been told that I am good at offering support.  That was definitely one of the ways I had been taken advantage of previously because I would end up doing the work for people.  But as time has gone on, I’ve learned to help people get on their feet and to steer them in the right direction—and I really love doing that.

I am grateful to be in a position where I’m content regardless of the direction things go.  With that, I am grateful to understand what it means to be in flow with life.  This is the hardest one for me.  But I have learned a lot over the last two months.  It has been intense for me because things have changed rapidly but that has given me the chance to be honest about where I’m at and to make decisions based on instinct.  And getting in touch with that again is a game changer.

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