Sunday Gratitude


Today I am grateful for family silliness.  I have been working through some emotion about things to come this week and it was nice to have a break and laugh with my family about nonsense.  Even when my son hit the switch to turn off the internet disconnecting us from the line we were using, we still laughed about it when we connected later.

Today I am grateful for a much needed break from being indoors the last 4 days.  After the video chat, my husband and I took our son and the dog for a long walk and took in the gorgeous sun.  It felt like heaven with it being almost 60 and to see the sun shining again.  Movement is so necessary!!

Today I am grateful for a reminder to release the reins.  I was working with my son in the kitchen, teaching him how to make a quick dessert and he just wanted to play.  Of course he would, he’s 3.  So I’ve been wrestling with my control demons over the last few weeks as I come to terms with the work I need to do to move forward in my business and I took a deep breath and let him have his fun.  No, it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to—it turned out better.  He had a ton of fun and he saw his mother relax rather than freak out at him for being 3 and not doing it “correctly.”  The result is pictured above!

Today I am grateful for some much needed clarity in my business.  I’ve been struggling with next steps to take for a while.  All of the pieces I need are blessedly there along with all of the tools—but I’m still struggling to put things together.  It’s like I bought something from our favorite Swedish furniture store and they didn’t put the instructions in.  I still feel overwhelmed, but with the help of my discussion group, I’ve gotten a little more traction underneath me.

Today I am grateful for clarity in how I want to direct my life.  Over the last two weeks I have been gifted new insight into how I want to live and the type of life I want to build.  I have been able to see what it would be like truly working on my own schedule and following the natural flow that my mind and body want to take—and it was AMAZING.  I have such an incredible sense of freedom in making the decisions I have over the last two weeks.  It all works out and I feel like I’ve had full ownership of myself.  Not until these last few days as we approach this new week have I felt off or upset or anxious.  That in itself shows me what path I need to follow.

Today I am grateful for progress with being enough.  If I had waited on everything in my life to fall into place and be perfect before taking action, I’d be nowhere.  For Pete’s sake, I have taken massive action and still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.  But the point is, if I had just sat on my laurels waiting for things to fall into place it wouldn’t happen.  So I have been able to come to terms with the small steps being the big payoff.

Today I am grateful to give myself a break—emotionally.  I realized that I’ve been trying to be super woman, entertaining my kid, working full time, trying to get my business started, and still be a good wife, friend, mother, person etc.  I’ve been really hard on myself—again.  But like I said earlier, getting some clarity on the things I need to do next (for my own sanity and for the joy of creating a life I love), and letting go of the reins in my life, I feel the creative influence flowing again.

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