The Question That Spun My Wheels Today

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“What have you learned about yourself during this lockdown that you don’t like?”  This was a question posed during Marie Forleo’s IG live for Self-Care Saturday.  It caught my ear and got me to thinking.  I personally feel like this lockdown shouldn’t have brought about anything that we don’t like about ourselves.  If anything it’s only bringing about a level of awareness of things that we already know.  We don’t need to use this time to be overly critical of ourselves.  But as we are all spending more time in our minds, we can absolutely use this time to acknowledge that it’s time to do things differently.  That much we can do gently.  We can lovingly accept those pieces of us because we are now all on pause.  There is no other choice but to be with what is going on—and to embrace it rather than run from it.

The most beautiful thing is to take this time to learn acceptance.  From there it’s taking action on it.  Because while we are on pause, there are only so many actions we can take outside of ourselves.  We are literally limited to where we can go and what we can do.  So why not take the time to work on what we can work on–internally?

Deep dives create a surge of different emotions.  We have to come to terms with what is inside of us and for the first time in our lifetimes, there aren’t other people around to deflect to.  Any heightened situation where we don’t know how things will go, any uncertainty creates emotion and there seems to be quite a continuum of what people are feeling during this time.  At this point I would simply say, feel all of it.  Allow it.  But don’t dwell in it.  Sometimes letting situations just be is the best action you can take.  Vibe of the day said it best: “Move past living a life centered on what others did or did not.  Focus on how you want to feel and what you can do about it.”  All we can control is our actions and how we want to feel about it.

So take this time and be gentle with yourself.  Learn to lean into what you’re feeling and allow it to happen.  Recognize where you feel it in your body and what you’re feeling in your body .  And go slowly to work your way through.  Once you give up avoiding these things, you will open up to ways to get through.  My favorite part of that is once you’re all the way on the other side you’ll be able to look back and say that 1. It wasn’t so scary, and 2. You accomplished something amazing.

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