Need Bravery? You Already Have It

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Photo by Sayantan Kundu on

Bravery comes in many forms.  Right now we are all being asked to be brave.  We are all tasked with going outside of our comfort zones.  It’s difficult because our comfort zones are what often give us the most joy.  But they are also what hold us back.  So we need to do what is necessary to shake off what has kept us safe—and stuck.

Bravery can look like taking the leap.  Going for something you really want but normally wouldn’t go after.  It can look like taking action.  When you’ve waited for the right moment and decide there is no right moment, there is only right now.

It can look like talking it over with someone.  In this case reaching out to save a relationship is equally as brave as reaching out for help. It takes a lot to admit our wrong doings and to admit when we need help.

It can look like making a decision.  When you’ve allowed yourself to sit in hopes of some big break crossing your path or because you were afraid of the consequences but then you make the choice and suddenly life rushes forward to meet you.  It can look like learning through decisions.  There are certain times in life when you just have to make that decision, and whether or not it turns out how you planned, you learn.

It can look like accepting…everything.  When you wish and hope for a thing to be a certain way and you finally accept that the damage you cause yourself from expectation is worse than just dealing with it as it really is and you finally embrace it.  There is freedom in it.

It can look like leaning into discomfort.  Along with acceptance, learning to feel your way through it and letting yourself get to the other side without judgement can make it a whole lot easier.  Understanding that the discomfort is temporary and that going with it rather than fighting it can get you to the other side faster is a whole different level of comfort.

It can look like being still and trusting your intuition.  Understanding that you need to trust yourself first and that there is always a reason behind everything teaches you that you can trust you will get to where you need to go.

You are already brave…carry on.

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