Sunday Gratitude

scenic view of mountain during evening

Photo by Ashan Rai on

Today I am grateful for learning.  I was able to take a few online classes today and to get through some work for my business.

Today I am grateful for recognizing emotion in my body.  I was having a really difficult time today because it was so gorgeous outside.  There was work that I wanted to be doing inside, but not taking advantage of going outside felt like a waste.  Plus my family was outside and I wanted to enjoy this day with them.  I felt the conflict in my heart, I felt my shoulders tense, I felt my mind being pulled in a million directions.  So I stopped and I put my hand on my chest and asked for guidance.  I went out for a while and I enjoyed the light while I could.  Then I came in to work.  Yes, I know, completely obvious to many, but once I get distracted, it’s hard to get back in the game.  So I consider it a small victory that even though I was distracted, I still managed to make some progress.

Today I am grateful for the discomfort I described above because it pushed me outside of where I was.  I was able to really evaluate what I wanted to be doing and it was a chance to practice listening to my intuition again. I’ve been struggling with follow through and motivation on a few personal projects so it felt like a test of my resolve.  I wrestled with it for a while and then listened.

Today I am grateful for family time.  We were fortunate enough to have time for a virtual family meeting so we got to see each other and laugh.  It felt like they were some of the most genuine laughs we’ve had as a family for a while.

Today I am grateful to evaluate what my contributions are.  I’ve been evaluating the type of person I am and the person I want to be and all of the conflict I’ve been feeling, all of my concerns about time and my worth are constantly grating on my mind.  But chewing on thoughts isn’t enough, it’s about action.  I am working on sharing my message and developing programs that people can use.  But right now I am working full time and I am at home with a toddler so I needed to level set a few expectations of myself; sometimes you just have to accept what your limitations are.  I may not be contributing as much as I feel I should be right now, but my energies are being directed where they need to be: toward my family and raising my son, toward creating work that is meaningful, and getting healthy.  Without those things, I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything.

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