New Normal

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Folks, all of this will be ok.  It may not feel like it today, it may not feel like it in a week or a month from now.  but it will be ok.  There is nothing to fear with the changes that are occurring.  And the truth is fear is a result of being unsure how to handle the unknown.  There was a time that people were tuned into the earth and we are being called to do that again.  Everything will be ok.

Humans are remarkably adaptable creatures and the earth is telling us that it is time for a shift.  We are moving from the mind to the earth and to the sky.  What good is living in the mind if there is nothing that can be benefitted from it?  And really the first question should be, who outside of us benefits from living in our minds?  I’m not saying to abandon all logic but I am saying to revisit motive.  We are entering a new normal and we have to learn to deal with it.

I’ve had my freak out.  I’ve had my wrestling with “What’s next?” and “How are we going to get through this financially?”  And now I have to say I just don’t care.  The truth is the paradigm with live under is all going to have to go away regardless, because we are awakening.  Sometimes the world ends up taking us right we are meant to be no matter how uncomfortable it is getting there.  I believe that we are in that process now.

For the first time ever we are GLOBALLY in the exact same situation.  This is something that has affected all of us and will continue to affect us all until the message is received.  The world has resources that were never meant to be monopolized and turned into a commodity, people are not commodities, and business isn’t God.  How fortunate we are that in the midst of a devastatingly unfortunate situation that we are still given the opportunity to reflect and change and grow.  We need to understand that the work that is needed in this case is internal.  This isn’t something we can buy and bring home or something we can go to the office and produce.  This is a time we have to sit and get uncomfortable.

We have been trained to avoid discomfort in our lives.  We have been given the opportunity to shield ourselves from the internal work through distraction.  We were able to buy pretty things while feeling like shit on the inside.  When there is a true global crisis going on (as there is now) we have to shift from how do we avoid this to how can we help in this?  That is going to mean very different things to everyone.  There are some people being called to the frontlines.  There are people who are providing services online.  There are people providing FREE services online.  There are people helping neighbors, assisting elderly, there are teachers providing lessons from home.  So many beautiful things.  For some of us we feel the need to internalize.  Whether you were always introverted or if this is raising serious fears for you, THAT IS OK.  For I am also of the belief that the work we do individually raises the vibration for the collective.

If you are one of those people, learn to sit where you’re at and learn the questions you really need to ask.  You can ask yourself how this discomfort feels in your body.  You can ask yourself where you’re feeling it in your body and research how the emotion and the physical expression are related.  You can ask what the fear is really telling you about what you’re called to do.  For all of the wonderful connections we have through technology, we are a generation that has lost the ability to connect with people.  So ask yourself where are you disconnected?  Are the anxieties you feel related to that disconnection?  Chances are, yes, they are. And chances are you are more disconnected with yourself than anyone else.  So start there.

Simply start by feeling the weight of your body as you move through the world or even as you sit on the couch.  Concentrate on the connection you feel between the materials of the sofa, your clothes, your skin.  What does it actually feel like?  Where are you tight?  Where are you relaxed?  Are your clothes binding or loose?  Keep in mind that you’d make adjustments to any of these issues if you felt uncomfortable.  We are going to apply that principle to your thoughts.  Where in your mind do you feel restricted?  And when you feel that way, what does it do to your body?  Sometimes the answers on how to fix that are more challenging that changing into sweatpants.  But finding that one thought and stopping it or even adjusting it is enough to put you on a different path.  That is often the goal:  get off of the path of repetitive thoughts and learn to follow what is right for you.  So much of working through anxiety is really about shifting back to the physical present.  That’s all that is needed.

So while I don’t have a crystal ball, I still feel in my gut that everything will be ok.  The simple truth is that at this point there is nothing we can do to change what has happened.  We all have to move forward in this together and we can do that by celebrating the need for a  new way of life, or we can fight what is happening to preserve something that didn’t really serve the people or the world regardless.  I hope with everything in me that we choose the former.  I don’t pretend that it isn’t a lot of work or that it is easy—I just know solidly that it is possible and that it is necessary.  So for the time being, just stay as safe as you can and ride this wave with the world.  It’s all changing anyway and we can take that message clearly now: don’t get too comfortable, there is more to do here.  The old ways served in their time and now it’s time for something else.  So do your part.

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