A Little Thought

photo of person wearing yellow converse shoes

Photo by Toni Ferreira Ph on Pexels.com

When I’m patient I let the universe do for me what I cannot do for myself—Gabby Bernstein Super Attractor Deck.  I drew this card today and it’s appropriate because I have been incredibly agitated, tense, and frustrated as of late.  I work in healthcare and I struggle with the decisions I’ve had to make in regards to my family and their health, my own health, and maintaining my job, my house, and all the other things I am so accustomed to in my life.  I also struggle with this because I am very used to having to do things for myself.  Most of time I’ve dealt with people who will vacuum the house when I told them I would do it but asked them to do the dishes—and then they got mad when I wasn’t grateful.  I

I understand things are changing rapidly and that this is a situation no one of our generation or those before or after us have seen.  But I struggle with the simple things and the simple facts: we shouldn’t be in close proximity to others.  We should be doing what we can to keep those who are healthy, healthy.  I struggle with their indifference while more and more people are exposed (including myself albeit minimally) and it is chalked up to the normal operation of things.  I especially struggle to be patient when I see that the lack of commitment to these decisions is keeping me and my family at risk as well as many thousands of other people.  I know my voice isn’t alone in this but we are dealing with unprecedented times and people are reacting badly to guidance.  I struggle with the fact that we are well into the 21st century and we are still forcing people to choose between jobs and families.  That isn’t a life I can imagine was intended for any person on this planet.

We are all worthy and we can all contribute to this society.  I don’t need to validate myself on your definitions of what makes a successful or worthy person.  Someone will always lose in that scenario especially when the definition changes constantly.  So we are all kind of floating right now because we can see that the classes we’ve created don’t work but we also don’t know where to go from here because it’s all we’ve known for generations.

But the advice I receive is to be patient.  So I will keep my head up but my thoughts grounded and I will wait on the will of the universe.  I will listen to her and I will trust my knowing that there are things unfolding that I’m not aware of the intent.

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