Sharing Some Hope

green leafed plant on sand

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Regardless of any faith you may believe, I feel what we need now is to remain hopeful.  I see how rapidly things are changing and I see the projections of where this is taking us and I want us all to keep our faith here and understand that we are all in this together.  So here is my hope for all of you:

During this time of change, help us witness the outmoded patterns that we are collectively releasing and help us to do our part to let go as well.  Help us let go of fears about what people think, about achieving goals solely for money, about success.

Help us release fears related to financial stressors and trust that as this situation continues to adapt and unfold, more changes will be made to help us through this.

Help us release judgement of what is occurring, of people, of myself as we all struggle to work with what has been presented to us.  Please help us accept what is and to learn to adapt.

Help us find new creative ways to express ourselves.  Please help us use this time to find the connection to soul and spirit within us to bring forth the joys we have repressed in favor of what we believed we were supposed to do.

Please guide us to fulfill our purpose during this time and to find alternative ways to help those that I am able to reach with my gifts.

Please provide us with a sense of peace and belief that we will all get through this as we are meant to.  As difficult as this is, as painful as the losses we have experienced and are still facing may be, please help us understand the reason.

Please help us turn this situation into something of collective beauty.

Please protect us through these challenging times and grant us health and strength.  Please help us use this time to learn to instill health as a part of our lifestyles moving forward and to make changes to ensure that we understand that health is a vital part of society—not something we should be afforded as we can afford to pay for it—it is a right for all.

Please let us learn to appreciate what we have been given and to no longer take our privileges for granted.  We have all seen first hand how quickly they can be taken away when necessary—so let’s take this time to see what a gift we have.

Please let us take the lesson about societal interconnectedness to heart.  Our actions truly have an impact on everyone.  Even if you don’t see it personally, your actions have ripples that stretch far and wide so let’s do our best to heed our impact on ourselves, our loved ones, on those we don’t see, and the planet.  Let’s make better decisions.

Please let us see the beauty in each new day and learn to be in love with life again.  Real life—being with our families, spending time with people, building and creating again.  Amen.

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