Quick Check In

wood fire hot glow

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Just a little reminder to remember the good things:  This life is beautiful.  Not “Beautiful, but” and not “Beautiful in spite of.”  It’s just beautiful.  In all its weird, crazy, perfect, inexplicable glory.  It’s a gift.  We get to create any experience we want with our time.  How spectacular!  How Brilliant!  How exciting!  To feel the rush of life as it unfolds from our fingertips, there is nothing more exhilarating than the raw energy in that potential.  So make something amazing.  Make the thing that has been begging you to bring it to life.

Marie Forleo says that you wouldn’t have an idea if you didn’t have the ability to see it through.  I agree with this wholeheartedly.  Humans are innately creative creatures in many arenas, so the fact that we have this crisis occurring worldwide, this is an opportunity to get creative and think about how things can be done differently.  We have to remember the good.  And I struggle with that every day when I see people continuing to be out and about in spite of a stay at home order.  So what I do in those instances is I remember humanity and that we are learning.

There are so many things we’ve been conditioned to believe that it is going to take some time to understand that there is no reason to stay as we are—we can absolutely change how things are done in this world.  We can look at global economic impact as well as greener living and conservation—and tie new policies to them.  We can discuss better efficiencies and better use of time to allow for a more balanced existence.  So yes, I believe this is an exciting time.

We have to remember that the rules and limitations we have in place now are only there because we haven’t looked at how to do things differently.  We never look at what has existed because there isn’t a need to until something goes wrong.  We can learn to take a proactive approach and we can shape a new life.  As beautiful as our lives are, as privileged as we truly are, we have the opportunity to make a different reality for a lot of people.  And once those flames are ignited, there will be no stopping the unbelievable revolution of change that comes with it.  We have to remember that we are here for a purpose.  Life is beautiful and part of our purpose is to make it even more beautiful.  The world doesn’t care if you made millions of dollars—the world cares that you touched a million lives.  The world cares that you made a healthy planet with equitable treatment for all.  And how beautiful is that we can all contribute to that?  Light the flame.

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