Step 2– Getting in Line With Yourself

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Briefly, step one is being with what is and taking stock of your surroundings and then owning your part in that via a connection with the universe.  If you missed the first step, go back and read my “Get in Line With Yourself.”  The essence of this step is to take responsibility for your actions and choices and recognize that your choices are what determined your current position in life.  If you look around you and see things that aren’t where you want to be, chances are your thoughts are along the same path.  Even with a bad hand, the choice about how to deal with it is now yours.

Step two is where we start to dig in and begin the work.  It isn’t enough to admit your role in something if you aren’t going to do something about it.  In fact, the whole reason you’re looking at where you’re at with such detail is because you want something else.  So step two is about the low hanging fruit—clear away what doesn’t serve where you’re going.  I will absolutely recommend taking the easy shots at the hard work—it’s easier to keep yourself moving forward at this stage of the game.  With big transition we need to remind ourselves that we can do it so take each win no matter how small and celebrate it.

To clarify, step two requires you to start small in order to acclimate yourself to growth and change.  If you’re feeling cluttered in your mind space, start cleaning your physical space.  If you don’t feel comfortable hanging out with a certain person anymore or doing a certain activity, then start saying no.  If you feel really happy, then start telling people or keep a gratitude journal.  If you want to start seeing more positivity around you, discuss the positive things that have happened.  Each of these things in their own right are small but they are often mountains to many of us.  Start the climb.

Believe me, you will feel better accomplishing one small task, trying one small feat once than you will sitting there wishing you could do something different.  This is about surprising yourself with that first step.  See yourself succeed and then take the next step.  At this point you may not have a clear goal—that’s ok.  Just keep going with what feels right. This is about building trust in your abilities.  It’s about building trust in receiving messages and signs.  It’s about reconnecting with your intuition and learning to understand it.  It’s also learning to accept ourselves and accepting that we are enough.  So in this whole process, if your fist step is knowing you’re doing too much, then let your second step be saying no when it feels overwhelming—and being ok with it.

That’s all it is—just start small.  Starting with any step is better than not doing anything.  Trust that when something feels off in your life, that is your sign to go in a new direction.  I start small a million times a day and I constantly remind myself that I am still accomplishing something even if I don’t accomplish it all.  When it doesn’t work out or if it doesn’t feel aligned, I ask again and I start again.  You got this. What are you going to start today?

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