Step 3- Getting in Line With Yourself

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Tonight’s step is a short one but it’s important.  This is where you start applying what you’ve learned from the first two steps and start seeing something coalesce into reality.

It’s simple: Get clear on where you’re going.  You’ve started working with your patterns and getting comfortable with trust.  You’ve stopped focusing as much at what other people think and you’re looking at what you need based on the things that feel right.  Once you’ve gotten to the point where you know what feels good, you can start asking more questions to really develop clarity about where you’re going.  Once you’ve established some trust in yourself and your abilities, then you can get more comfortable with defining where you’re going.  So, it’s about seeing where you want to go and then working out how to get there.

Start with questions like do any of these things go together?  Are there similar themes with what you enjoy.  Are there similar themes with what works?  Is there an overarching theme that can drive you in a direction?  If there isn’t one theme, are there a couple of key areas that may work well together?  This is about getting creative and finding the things you want to develop in greater detail.

There is another way to look at it: make friends with your curiosity and try to piece it together.  Yes, that may be an oversimplification for many people depending on their situation, however, the basic point remains the same: find what you like and find the thread.  This is about developing that plan even if you didn’t know what it was when you started out.  This is the chance to turn it into something you recognize and are passionate about.  Rumblings turn to revolutions when you listen to what your heart is saying.

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