Get in Line With Yourself

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Following up on our discussion about what the universe gives us being a response to our vibration, I wanted to discuss ways to recognize you’re on the right vibration.

I think what’s most important here is understanding that you are already speaking to the universe and the results are all around you.  It’s important to understand how important thoughts really are.  Every thought emits a frequency that connects to you.  For example “I am” or “I believe” are perceived on the level of reality—there is no way to determine what is or isn’t real based on frequency-it just is.  For those who struggle with this concept, it isn’t necessary to believe that you are having a literal conversation with the universe or anything else so out there. It is necessary to understand that your internal world is its own universe.  You live in your head and those thoughts and feelings reflect in the outer world.  They color how you see things and how you react to them which creates your reality.  So make sure you’re conscious of what you’re thinking–you get to decide how you feel and how you react.

If you’re curious about the quality and content of your thoughts, look at your immediate environment as this is the most accurate representation of your inner thoughts.  Taking stock of where you’re at helps you understand the connection between your thoughts and the results you get.  If you see stacks of paper everywhere or other clutter chances are there is a part of you that feels disorganized and unclear with your thoughts as well.  If your house is filled with tons of things that get in your way or you don’t really have room for, chances are you feel restricted and frustrated in your thoughts.

If the goal is to align with our purpose we have to start small and get really honest about where we are and where we are going.  Then we work one step at a time to close the gap.  But take that first step. It will help you visualize and verbalize what you are feeling—and have often internalized.  Clearing your physical space opens up mental space as well.  Removing the clutter can detoxify our homes as well as our minds because we are cleaning up where we live.  Clean up your space, you clean up your mind.  As you clear your mind, the big picture will become more clear and will help guide you where you need to go.  If you don’t know where to start pick up your room.

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