Joy Begets Joy

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“When I introduce joy to a situation, I change the vibrational frequency of what’s happening around me.”  Gabby Bernstein, Super Attractor deck.  I love this because it is the perfect sentiment to what is going on around me has no bearing on how I react and behave.  I can still be joyful, it’s a choice.  I used to get completely annoyed with people who would profess things like that because I never understood how you couldn’t react to a situation.  Then I realized it’s about understanding who you want to be and behaving like that and living at that level.

Tonight is a trying night for me because of little silly things:  the cats are acting insane, the dog peed on the floor, the dog won’t go to the bathroom outside, my husband is crabby for no reason, and my son didn’t want to come home and then he didn’t want to eat dinner.  Nothing major by any means but enough of the tiny things to annoy me nonetheless.  I know I can still be happy in spite of the storm around me.  Sometimes when that storm is raging for others, as difficult as it is, you can still be the port for someone else.  So I’m working on this and listening to my son play and I’m giving my husband some space to figure out what exactly the issue is.

I’ve been thinking about the way we’ve allowed ourselves to become so narcissistic.  I let those silly little things get to me and they are so not part of the big picture.  There are real tragedies befalling this world right now.  People talking about world war three, Australia is on fire, the government is so corrupt it isn’t even funny and we still allow ourselves to fall into the trap of the small stuff.  The things we think are important but in reality have no bearing on what we do or what happens in the world.  I feel helpless in some regards but I know the one thing I can control is my attitude toward these situations, both small and big.

The world needs people to vibrate at a higher frequency with more thought and intention.  We need to operate from a place of understanding and mutual compromise.  I don’t profess to have the answer to fix the overall situation but I do believe it always starts with us.  The more we connect with authentic self and learn about what makes our individual worlds light up, the more we can put that out into the world with love and joy.  From there we will understand more of what doesn’t resonate or promote a feeling of positivity.  I truly believe that we can then begin to reconstruct our belief system to something that does work for the benefit of all.

The universe in its breadth and span of time is so enormous that it seems to me that much of what we do here is so trivial and outmoded that we need to elevate to a higher level of functioning.  With that being said, we have to learn to speak the language of the universe by recognizing that language within ourselves first.  Only then can we begin to understand how we are all connected and how the little things we have created here mean nothing.  All of our rules were devised by man in an effort to elicit control of some sort.  I believe that once we have a different understanding of our role in the universe, our motives will shift as well.

So start small.  Start with what makes you happy and move toward that.  Speak of the joy you feel when you work with something that speaks to you.  Speak of the joy you feel when you feel it—don’t wait for the “right” time.  There is no reason to play small—the universe is plenty big enough to support all of our dreams.  We created this system based off of what we knew at the time.  It’s time to know better and to behave better because it is the right thing to do.  Start small.  Start with you.  Joy begets joy and light will attract more light and that is something the world needs desperately.  Remember the beautiful gift we have all been given in this opportunity to be here and now and share it as far as you can.

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