Looking for Guidance

analysis blackboard board bubble

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“I’m in awe of the magnificent guidance that’s available to me,” Gabby Bernstein, Super Attractor Deck.  I drew that card this morning when I was literally asking for advice.  I specifically asked for guidance on how to handle the day and that was the answer.  For me that meant to be open to all of the different kinds of guidance in the universe.  There are signs everywhere as long as we pay attention.

We have to learn to look at what is happening and understand it for what it is trying to tell us.  When we’re in a hurry and we hit a red light or a ton of traffic, maybe the universe is telling us to find another route to avoid an accident, or maybe the person we are meeting is running late as well.  It’s easy to get caught up in the frustration and give into the fear during the moment and lose sight of any other messages.  In order to avoid that type of frustration, like with most things, it’s about retraining the mind.  It’s about not giving into the emotion or the power surrounding you.  It’s about retaining your power.

It is a lot of work to not give into long rooted patterns.  Emotional control is easily one of my biggest challenges.  I’m a passionate person and it never occurred to me to NOT give into what I was feeling.  So it took a lot to start looking for the signs before allowing myself to “go there” emotionally.  It can be a certain feeling in your body or a recurring thought.  Let the way you’re feeling be a trigger to you to pay attention.  Notice that you’re leaning toward the old reaction and pause.  Take all the time you need to redirect until the feeling passes.  Again, I don’t profess this is easy.

While this kind of training is difficult, it is incredibly rewarding to have peace of mind.  Decisions come easier when you pay attention to what is around you because you feel connected.  Connection is what we are all really striving for but we sometimes become distracted by what we need to be connected to.  As I mentioned above, there is guidance available everywhere.  Just because a message comes in a different guise doesn’t mean it’s not a message for us.

I read a lot of advice and self-help because I am trying to be the best version of myself.  I have to remind myself that just reading that material isn’t enough to be that version I see of myself: it takes practice.  So when I see something that is reminiscent of what I was reading of working on no matter how mundane, I always take it as confirmation that I’m on the right path.  Sharing the guidance I receive after I can speak to putting it into practice is what I enjoy doing.  I want people to be able to see the messages they are so desperately seeking when they need them most.

I believe that people can always do their best.  Put all the insecurities aside and all of the self-doubt and just let yourself out of the cage.  Set your mind on what you are trying to accomplish and find the signs that will keep you on track.  Even if it doesn’t look how you think it should, listen when your gut is telling you to follow it.

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