Witness Beauty

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There is so much beauty in life.  It is so important to allow the beauty to flow through us and to take it in and remind us of the fragility and strength of life.  I often think of all the people it took for me to get here.  Thousands of ancestors, 90% of which I never knew their names.  The things they went through, the stories they would tell.  We are all so intricately intertwined, we could be related to the neighbors and not even know it.  More importantly, we technically are.  We are all related to each other on some level of this shared experience.  The webs we weave, how our lives dance in and out of each other’s, how the stories we tell come to one another.  I was always fascinated with movies and books that tell stories like that.  

That connectedness is a beautiful thing in itself.  We are all human and we have a gift in being alive and experiencing this life. I am so lucky and humbled to witness so much beauty.  I think the impressive thing about it all is how small those moments can be, yet how impactful they are.  They are available anywhere and everywhere and I saw the love of grandfather/father/son.  I found patience where I had been impatient.  I saw a video of another father spreading seashells so his children and grandchildren could find them on the beach.  My boss and her constant ability to keep giving.  My father and the trips he has taken the family on.  The laughter of the family in the house.   My animals expressing their need for love and attention.

All of these things remind me that we are human and alive.  There are moments it gets overwhelming and I need that breath for myself.  I am human and we all need those moments.  But I am so grateful, no matter how humbling the lesson, that I am constantly reminded that the connection and the love are always there.  I am so grateful that I have so many sources to remind me that life is beautiful.  I may be a slow learner when it comes to certain things—including learning about myself.  But when I learn, I DO learn.  There is so much life to live and if we have the chance to be here, don’t take it for granted.  Don’t get caught up in the idea that life has to be some series of monumental events to be deemed worthy.  Some days breathing is a miracle, and that is enough.  So I choose to see that and embrace it.  Choose to see the sameness in our uniqueness and the uniqueness in our sameness.  Enjoy the experience if being alive.    

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