Living In Corners

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A quick follow up on gray thinking, I heard Jennifer Gray say, “If I had been putting myself in the corner, then I can take myself out.”  The mind is the most powerful tool we have, I’ve spoken about it many times along with the ability to harness it and develop what we want.  Most of the time, the cages we put ourselves in are create by ourselves.  We create these stringent requirements based on ideas we are told but never consider their truth and then we hold each other accountable to ideas that no longer serve.  We create boxes and corners all the time.

This isn’t to be critical, this is actually incredibly hopeful.  If we can create those types of boxes and confines, then we can break them.  We can create new ways of being.  I truly believe everyone is inherently good at heart.  We have pretty simple needs at the core—support, love, food, water, shelter, etc.  We also have the need to fulfill a purpose and that is where we lost sight of it.  The purpose we have today is not the same as it was a millenia ago, it is not the same as it was 200 years ago, or 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago.  As we have evolved what we can do, we have shortened the distance to anyone in the world to a keyboard.  We are still learning how to use that type of connection. Until we know who we are and what we are really here to do, that connection will be surface level.  We will never get to the point where we can actualize into who we are unless we do the inner work first.

That starts with seeing the walls we’ve created for ourselves.  That includes obstacles we create through our beliefs and things that aren’t really ours to begin with.  It starts with recognizing what is really ours and what we want to do.  Seeing what we can do outside of the walls we create and then expanding and incorporating what others can do as well.  It’s the ability to let ourselves evolve that gives us the ability to accept and encourage that evolution in others as well. We learn the truth: there never was a corner. 

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