Universe and Your Back

Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com

“The universe is always a yes for you always, A yes the moment you send a desire out to the universe the universe responds with yes and in our daily practices we have to become conscious of what those desires are that are putting out because we are always being responded to,” Gabby Bernstein.   Following up on the conversation about relationships and appreciation, I feel this is appropriate and timely.  It’s been said that we need to hear things seven times seven different ways before we understand them and I’m working through reading a book on the Law of Attraction.  I never really understood what the Law was telling us.  I initially took it as some form of karma.  Then I took it as if you believe it, it will happen.  Then I stepped it up to if you believe it, it will happen immediately.  As I work my way through the material, I see it doesn’t work like that.

The only blocks we have to achieving what we want is ourselves.  That is the bottom line.  The Law of Attraction isn’t an ATM where we get the immediate return.  Sometimes it takes a minute for the universe to see what we are really looking for because we aren’t clear on what we are looking for.  If the universe is always a yes, it can’t be a yes to fifty things a minute.  Just because our mind operates that fast, it doesn’t mean we actually do—and neither does the universe.  The key is clarity and that is what Gabby means when she is talking about becoming conscious of the desires are when we put them out into the universe.  There needs to be intention in the thought. 

I love the idea of this type of communion, this relationship with the universe because it is truly the alchemy of creation.  It isn’t a restaurant (although I’ve seen some people compare the process to that) where you put in your order.  You have to place that order, yes, but you also have to do the work required to get it.  The universe will give you all the ingredients, you just need to figure out how to put it together.  My boss and I were talking the other day about goals and adaptability of the teams and how people should be able to shift.  She made a comment to the effect of, “We are all baking the same cake.”  And she had a point—we all have the same ingredients and we are all working toward creating that goal, but if we don’t know if we are making chocolate or vanilla, it’s still going to be a different cake.  Some people will say it’s still a cake, goal checked, while others will say, it’s the wrong flavor, start again.  And that is the message of the universe—you have to clarify if you want chocolate or vanilla otherwise you will end up with something you don’t want or something half-baked.

The universe isn’t a place for half baked plans.  It seeks intent and clarity because the goal is to fulfill our highest purpose so we can serve the greater purpose.  It follows that if the universe is always a yes, then everything that has happened is the result of someone’s request.  What we see is what we get and if we want something else, we need to shift direction of our thoughts and intentions.  There is so much hope in the idea that we are able to create what we want and even more in the idea that the universe is always conspiring to get us what we want at all times.  We don’t need to put the qualifiers on anything we want (ie, if I’m thin enough I will get x, or if I work long enough hours, they will think y) because it is already there.  We just need to harmonize with it.  THAT is frequency.  So let all the excess fall away and understand what it is you truly want.  Then start practices that align with that and watch how the rest comes into reality, and watch how quickly.  It’s just about deciding.

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