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I was listening to a speech from Oprah and she said, “If you don’t know what to do, that is when you do nothing.”  As someone with a predisposition to constant movement and racing thoughts, this hit me.  It isn’t often that I truly stop.  Yes, I will pause and yes, that absolutely helps get my bearings, but I have rarely stopped long enough to get the answers I’m looking for.  I have rarely stopped long enough to simply hear the inner workings of my mind.  The idea of absolutely stopping struck me in the middle of organizing the house last week.  I’ve been in perpetual motion and trying to figure out what I want to do without allowing myself to settle and take stock of what I need or what I’m actually trying to accomplish.

Stopping will change everything.  And we need to remember that sometimes that stop is longer than we think.  Sometimes we have to simply wait it out no matter how uncomfortable.  Because in that discomfort, the answers come.  Big things take time and the universe doesn’t work on our timeline.  It is always according to divine order and I know how hard it is to wait.  I either get distracted and forget what I’m doing or I lose patience and move onto something else.  Gabby Bernstein calls it Manic Manifesting. 

It’s helpful to think about what is good in the pause.  We aren’t designed to be in constant motion.  We aren’t machines and we do need rest.  Not just physical rest but mental and soulful rest as well.  We have to set the limits on that and we need to maintain our boundaries for when we are getting close to empty.  It is only then that we are able to hear the message meant for us about what to do next.  All the hustle and bustle only serves to crowd the mind and drown out the only voice that maters: our own.  We need to hear the voice of reason and connection to spirit, that inner guidance only we have.  Call it intuition or divine intervention, but it is real.  So when you don’t know what to do, learn to be still.  Like the wind in the sails, the answer will come and soon you will be back on course.

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