Lessons Through Mistakes

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

I wrote Saturday about showing up and I wanted to hit on one part with a quick piece.  The part where it rained and I wasn’t wearing rain gear…even though I knew it was going to rain.  The thought, “This was a mistake” ran through my head repeatedly.  I had my phone on me, I had the fob to my car on me and no way to really protect them if those pockets got too wet.  I felt out of place as well because I had decided to go in spite of not knowing anyone else there.  I beat myself up… “You don’t know anyone, you don’t have the right gear, your shoes are slipping on the trail, you’re wet and your key and phone are going to get destroyed, blah blah blah.”

When I got home, that was when it hit me: none of that was a mistake.  I set out on a goal to get out of my comfort zone and I did it.  I did the work, my body felt better, and I showed up.  As I wrote yesterday, showing up was the key thing for me.  To be patient and to be consistent and to do the thing. That wasn’t a mistake.  Turning around when I did may have been a mistake, but I still felt the support.  And I felt it in me.  That is where the clarity is, the clarity that guides us toward what is right for us and our purpose.  That is a feeling I think we need to connect with more because it holds so many of the answers.  Call it intuition or whatever, but knowing how you react to things on a visceral level is really helpful. 

Getting in touch with that inner knowing is our guidance system to what is right for us.  My brain was telling me that I was doing the wrong things but my body knew it was right.  I did what I could and there was no reason to be disappointed.  Sometimes we mistake discomfort for a mistake or doing something wrong.  Discomfort is simply a tool to guide us.  It doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong, it just means it isn’t in our nature yet.  It isn’t what we are used to.  With time, it will become a part of us.  So sit with the discomfort and don’t chalk it up to doing something wrong.  Rather, just ease through it and learn from it…and then keep going. It’s not a mistake.  And sometimes what we think is a mistake gets us right where we need to be.

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