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Let’s elaborate on Sunday’s gratitude.  I ended that piece with noting there are some days we are on top of the world and other days we stub our toes getting out of bed.  The key is to accept them all.  I’ve been carrying too heavy a burden for too long and that has made me put unnecessary pressure on life in general.  I’ve placed too big an expectation on those I love including my husband and my five year old.  I’ve demanded things of them that I want for the life I’ve expected myself to give them.  That isn’t living.  My son and I went on a walk on Sunday and we saw an entire neighborhood of children out playing.  We felt the sun on our skin and the breeze.  In that moment there wasn’t another care in the world.  There was literally no other moment than the present. 

I woke up on Sunday morning super crabby because my son hasn’t been sleeping well so I haven’t been sleeping well and I had things I want to do in the morning and, quite honestly, I have been sick and tired of feeling like crap because I can’t sleep a night through or my son freaks out if I’m up doing something to take care of myself.  But I moved my body, I made bread, cleaned, wrote several pieces, shared my cards, made breakfast, put the laundry away all before 10am.  I felt on top of the world.  As I was putting laundry away, the thought about how some days we can do it all and some days we can barely form a coherent sentence popped into my mind. 

But the gold comes when we learn to accept them both.  We learn to be in flow with them.  We learn that the days are good and we can do more and the days we struggle are ok as well—we just need to reset.  That reset isn’t a negative by any means.  We’ve lived with the expectation that we need to be on top, in control, perfect at all times.  That just isn’t feasible.  We need to go with the natural ebbs and flows of our nature.  We need to live our lives according to our own patterns.  The pattern given to us by nature.  What feels right for us.  There are times that means it won’t look like it’s working from the outside.  Or that we don’t have it together.  That isn’t true.  We are simply having a moment. 

Life is successful when we find that rhythm and we learn to access it at any time.  Life is happy when we know who we are and we move with it.  Life is peaceful when we honor exactly where we are at.  It won’t always feel great and we will have to accept the lows with the highs.  What DOES feel great is the ability to transition and move with what comes our way.  The recovery, the get up, the do over, the try again.  That’s where the magic is.  The beauty is that as long as we know who we are, we are able to keep going.  Find your rhythm.  Love the good days and be grateful.  Learn from the tough days, recover and be grateful.  All is well.  Don’t put too heavy a burden on the tender wings of this life.  Learn to let go and fly.

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