Rise and Fall

Photo by PrathSnap on Pexels.com

“If you fall down 100 times, 100 lessons to be learned,” via LawOfAttractionLive.  As much as I talk about moving forward, this is an area I struggle with consistently.  It may be ego, it may be stubborn mindset, or it may simply be something I lack the capacity to comprehend for some reason.  I’m not proud of that.  There has not been one circumstance where it has NOT been demonstrated the value in failing and trying again.  Why wouldn’t that apply to each of us as well?  There was a quote I used a while back about children learning to walk: they fall down hundreds of times and not once do they say, “Walking isn’t for me.” So why would we think that persistence and different angles wouldn’t apply to us?  It’s easy in our society to look at other people and think we are supposed to do the same thing: continuity used to ensure survival.  But the reality is, we aren’t all meant to do the same thing.  Our lesson may be different than the person next to us even if we are experiencing the same thing.  What helps them rise again may not be what we have to do.  The next steps they take may not be the same we have to.

We have to be open enough to recognize that there are different paths.  We have to be bold enough to follow the path meant for us.  It isn’t comfortable and it often feels lonely.  But once we learn how to single out what is ours, we eventually find our people and the things meant for us.  We also have to understand that finding those things is our purpose.  We can’t attach to the idea of what we are told to want or what we are expected to do.  No. The universe has plans for us that we are meant to fulfill because it applies to the bigger scale.  We are meant to fulfill our part and that is it.  We each have a different role.  We talk about resources being limited and this couldn’t be further from the truth: I want to remind you that there are limited resources available for all of us to do the exact same thing.  There’s a big difference.  We aren’t meant to have the same thing.  We are meant to fulfill our unique flavor in life and pass that down to the next person so they can pass it on. 

It’s easy today to sit down and find comfort amidst the chaos that is happening.  We’ve associated comfort with security and that is completely understandable.  Quite frankly it’s human nature to find safety and comfort.  But it doesn’t work if we are constantly repeating the same day over and over again and calling it a life.  We will wake up and time will have passed but we will not have gotten anywhere.  We are meant to break the paradigm and function in our unique purpose in order to awaken a new way of being.  Simply because things have been done a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean that’s the right way.  And it certainly doesn’t mean we need to keep doing it, especially if we have identified that it’s flawed and doesn’t work for all.   

The simple question is where has sitting on your butt ever gotten you?  We are allowed to fall.  I encourage you to try to fall more often because it means you’re trying something.  It means you’re moving and trying to piece together some sense in this world.  It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect or not, we simply need to keep moving so we can find our place.  There are times we have to pause and reevaluate after a fall, that is perfectly natural.  But to sit down and not try anything else in the world and then cry that things aren’t happening is your own fault.  We always have the opportunity to turn things around—it’s all mindset.  As long as we can continue getting up, there is a purpose for us.  Get up and fall until you find it.  Experience your life in such a way that you don’t question what you’ve done.  Know that you’ve done your part by incorporating the lessons meant for you.   

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