No Problem

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“What if there is no problem?”  Via elephant journal. We are trained to seek out the problem at all costs.  We still behave as if our survival depends on it, looking ten steps ahead and conceptualizing every awful thing that may come to pass.  We are no longer in the days where literal survival depends on it, but we equate our social survival with our physical survival.  The importance of our mental health has never been more apparent: we perceive slights and threats in every day conversation and those who don’t agree with us are equated to the “enemy” at this point. 

This question popped up and it really hit home—the problem isn’t the situation, it’s how we look at the situation. Sometimes, even if we know something on the surface, it takes a while for it to sink in viscerally.  There truly aren’t many problems we face on the day to day.  Everything that we come across is the result of our own actions.  Big picture, those things won’t have much of an impact.  What will have an impact, however, is our mindset toward it.  It will have an impact if we aren’t able to see past our own noses, to see that we create our own suffering.

Sometimes we cloud our ability to see the solution because we are so used to having to solve everything.  We are so used to our answers being dependent on what other people tell us or how they see us that we get used to maneuvering around the answer because we are trying to make them see the answer.  What happens when we give the answer and simply let them do as they will with the information?  It no longer remains your issue—because it never was in the first place. 

So when you start to feel the overwhelm or the feelings of inadequacy—or even if something simply doesn’t make sense—then pause.  Take a step back and look at what is going on.  Ask yourself if you’re creating the issue or if you’re responding to what’s happening.  And then dive deeper:  are you responding to what is actually happening or to what you think is going to happen?  Chances are you will see that you’re creating most of the issue. Life is so much simpler than we make it.  Sometimes you just have to trust that there is another way to look at it and go in that direction.  And if that doesn’t work, then choose SOMETHING and see where it takes you.  We can solve it if we keep going—or you will see there is nothing to work out, it simply is.

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