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The universe is a beautiful thing…a funny, twisted beautiful thing.  I have very little doubt that I am exactly where I need to be.  I have no shame in admitting I have no clue where I’m going and I don’t fully understand the big picture, but the signs are VERY clear that I am where I need to be.  I share this because I want you to understand that sometimes things don’t make sense, sometimes we have no clue why things go down the way they do—but it is all for a reason.  In the last week alone I’ve had some synchronicities that I want to share.  These little moments that happen at random times are not so random as I’ve learned.  Again, even if we don’t know the purpose at the time, they are still indicators that we are on the right track.

I was reading Greenlights as I mentioned in my post from a few days ago.  On Wednesday night I picked up the book and the section started talking about McConaughey’s love of wrestling.  In that moment, wrestling started on TV.  I had a moment of, “Wow, that’s funny,” because we NEVER have wrestling on in our house.  Nothing is wrong with it, we just don’t follow the sport.  Regardless, I kept it on because I felt like there might be something I was supposed to get from it—I mean, the entire book is about going with what is in front of us and learning from it so if these events coincided, then it was meant to be, right?  So I watched a bit and saw all of the showmanship and the stage that was set and the story they were trying to tell.  And I saw that sometimes the purpose in life isn’t to have a deep meaning behind it: it’s to share the story.

A while into watching it, I remembered McConaughey had talked about a movie he did that I had never heard of.  I don’t know why it piqued my interest in that moment.  Maybe it was the combination of the wrestling and remembering McConaughey’s description of getting into a character that brought it to the forefront of my mind.  Regardless, I flipped back through the book and found it—Reign of Fire.  I asked my husband if he had ever heard of it and he said no.  He was curious about it as well so he looked it up through the guide and we saw that it was scheduled to be on TV that week.  I mean, maybe I’m wrong about the popularity of the movie, but in that moment, I saw clearly that I was meant to learn and share something.  A somewhat obscure movie from 20 years ago that I had NEVER heard of was scheduled to be on TV a few days after reading about it. 

On Friday, I scrolled through Instagram and someone shared a meme from Legally Blonde.  I thought to myself, “I haven’t seen that in a long time, that was a cute movie!”  Later that night, it was on TV.  I had been getting ready to go to bed and had it on for some background noise but when I saw it, I kept it on.  As silly as it was, the movie does deliver an incredibly profound message in a light way.  There is value in being who you are even if people don’t understand it.  Never change for those around you and challenge yourself enough to know there is something more for you.  Also, sometimes you feel like you know what path you’re supposed to be on and life throws you a curve ball—you adapt.  And then you may find exactly what you needed all along. 

The last story happened on Sunday morning—well, technically Saturday night.  I started a new book, The Archer, by Paulo Coelho.  I’m only a few pages in, but the premise is about state of mind.  So I woke up on Sunday and shared my morning card draw (affirmation decks) and the first thing that popped up was a scene from friends where Ross is talking about Unagi.  I couldn’t remember the episode so I quickly searched “Unagi” and it referenced that same episode.  Ross was trying to iterate the importance of mind set, but he was using the incorrect word—Unagi is a food.  As I read the article, it mentioned the word he was trying to reference: Zanshin.  The article went on to talk about Zanshin refers to the mental aspect necessary before, during, and after an action specifically in Kyudo—the Japanese martial art of ARCHERY.  Yet another instance of not being where we thought we would be but arriving at the answer all the same.  For the record, McConaughey also references archery in his book: he talks about the target drawing the arrow, a perfect metaphor for being true to who we are.

So, as silly as these examples may seem, the power of the message isn’t diminished.  No matter how lost we feel or if we just aren’t “getting it,” if it doesn’t make sense, it eventually will.  We just have to stick with it.  These coincidences are more than merely coincidence—they are guideposts and indicators that we are on the right track.  We just have to have enough confidence in ourselves and belief that all is as it should be.  We need a solid enough foundation to trust that we know the way, or that we will be shown the way as long as we are true to our course.  Aim for the goal and align the action and the results will come, even if it isn’t how we anticipate it.

EDIT: I don’t know if it’s a mid life crisis, but I’ve been hyper sensitive to things around me and feeling off kilter. My mentor reached out to me and she said that I need to really believe in what I’m doing and understand that everything happens for a reason. Nothing ever goes wrong. I woke up to post this and the cards I drew were ALL about giving over and trusting the signs even if we don’t understand them–and when I posted, a similar message popped up. The coincidences are not coincidences: they are signs. Trust. Believe. This isn’t random.

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