Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for clear communication.  I’ve never hidden the struggles in my life and in my relationships.  When you’re a recovering people pleaser, it takes time to develop enough sense of self to function properly in relationships and to know how to reciprocate.  This morning I had a beautiful conversation with my husband.  A challenging one (quite frankly it’s been a sticking point our entire relationship), but we approached it differently.  We spoke about it and honestly started weighing options.  And then I left it with him.  There are things he needs to do that are his alone to work through, but we communicated well and honestly and it felt good to have that openness.

Today I am grateful to let go of what isn’t mine.  Following the first point, I am glad to stop carrying the weight of what isn’t mine.  I can’t give my husband the answers he is looking for and it isn’t my responsibility to do that.  It’s my job to help him find those pieces he’s looking for, not to create them for him or to cut them from myself.  Our job isn’t to complete each other, it is to find that completeness of who we are and to bring that to the table.  It has taken over two decades together to understand that, but I am grateful.   

Today I’m grateful to learn lessons unexpectedly.  I’ve been rebuilding a ton of Lego sets that got destroyed in our move—and from my son being five and unable to contain his curiosity 😊.  I realized that finding the pieces for these sets is more challenging that I thought it would be, however, they are all there.  I’ve been able to find those tiny pieces amongst thousands of others.  Yes, it has been time consuming and even a little painful, but I’ve found what I was looking for.  And for some reason, that gives me a lot of hope about the bigger picture.  It may seem at times that we will never find what is missing.  But with determination we can always find it.

Today I am grateful to take care of myself.  I’ve needed to take a step back from the last few months and really take perspective on what has been happening.  We’ve been dealing with some unexpected health issues in the family and we’ve had to step up into taking care of our own mess in a new way.  The latter portion isn’t a negative thing by any means, it’s actually quite welcome.  It has brought my husband and I to the same page and now we know that we have choices to make as far as how we move forward.  This is how we know life is our own: the results of our actions are ours alone to deal with.  There is no more avoiding it. 

Today I am grateful for the unspoken understanding…of life.  I wasn’t feeling well for a bit this afternoon and I knew I needed to rest immediately.  As I dozed on the couch, my cat hopped up and laid next to me.  He hasn’t rested with me in a week or so and I had been missing him.  But having that silent support and acknowledgement from my fuzzy beast made me feel really good.  The animals always know when something is off.  I tm ay seem silly, but knowing he was there felt amazing.

Today I am grateful for fun.  It’s Super Bowl time in a few minutes and I am so grateful to simply make some snack food and hang out with my family.  It’s needed.  I’ve had the pedal down full tilt for weeks now and it is nice to literally take an afternoon to do nothing.  Simply rest, relax, have some fun, and enjoy the game.  Being here in this moment, especially feeling better than I was a bit ago, is what is important.  Having fun with those I love is what matters. 

Wising you a wonderful week ahead!

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