We Know You’re Lying

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I want to talk briefly about the lies we are fed.  I think we are walking up in this society to the idea that we no longer want to work as we have been, and we are slowly coming to the realization that the system as we have it never really worked for everyone anyway.  I think we also feel tired of being told to stop trusting our instincts.  I know from my experience on the business side in healthcare that I am tired of being told things are a certain way when they are not.  We are constantly striving to make things happen but we are never looking at the real cost.  We say that mental health and employee well being is key but we consistently underpay and undercut the value of what people do and make it so we don’t have a full complement of people to do the work.

As we were listening to another discussion about the most recent merger we are taking on, it hit me that it is merely business.  They care about the bottom line and that means keeping people sick.  I know the more I work through this in my mind, I’m tired of being taken advantage of and then being told I’m not.  That is gaslighting at its finest.  We know when something is off and we know when there is more to the story than we are told.  It’s not like we wouldn’t understand extenuating circumstances, but there seems to be this idea that we need to protect the image of the business over telling the truth.  Moreover, I’m really sad that they feel like we are stupid enough to not know what is really going on.

The main point to this is to know that we can trust our instincts.  We were given those senses to keep us safe and to guide us where we need to go.  So many of us have learned to not trust ourselves because we haven’t found a different way yet.  We are still taught the current system is safe when we know it isn’t but we don’t have anything to replace it yet.  That isn’t a reason to not trust what we know.  We have to ask ourselves whose interest it serves if we don’t trust ourselves.  Certainly not ours.  If we do what someone else wants of us, that doesn’t teach us to trust what we know.

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