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“Never do the envy, jealousy, and insecure stuff.  Be the hustler, well-wisher, the go-getter,” via ecommerce mentor.  When we celebrate the achievements of those around us or of those doing what we want to do, we are inviting that energy into our lives as well.  If we are attracting it, we ARE it which means we are able to make it happen.  It can be challenging to switch to this mentality, especially in a society that values competition and winning as a measure of worth and success.  But when we put aside the comparison and measuring people by what they do and where they are, we see those opportunities as well.  It’s important to recognize that.

Mel Robbins talks about jealousy in a way I’ve never heard before.  She says that if you’re jealous of something, it’s because it means something to you and you want it as well.  On the surface, that is obvious.  But digging into that a bit more, it’s telling us that being jealous means it’s awakening something inside of us that we are capable of as well.  In the context of our opening quote, we look at jealousy as something low that can drag us down, but in reality, it is something that guides us as well.  That can be a trigger to start celebrating people.  Don’t be angry with your jealousy as far as asking, “Why don’t I have that?”.  Make it about, “Wow that’s awesome, I think I can do that.”.

Converting our jealousy from victimhood to actionable ways to succeed keeps us in our lane and turns on the inspiration.  Finding joy and finding inspiration is so key in life.  It isn’t about being better than the last person, it’s about being better than you used to be.  Learn to make competition internal rather than external.  Knowing that you’ve done well and that you are capable of doing more is incredibly stimulating.  Winning the challenges we set for ourselves is a good way to keep us moving forward.

So love what you do and love what you see other people doing.  Become a cheerleader, for others and for yourself.  A win for someone else, even in an unrelated field, means that you’re on the right track as well.  We thrive when we support each other and we draw into our lives what we put out so cheering others on means we find our support system as well.  If that proves to be too challenging, start looking at your own small wins.  You woke up today without hitting snooze?  Great!  You managed to make your lunch today instead of buying?  Awesome!! You took the time to walk away from work for a minute instead of engaging that negative co-worker?  Rock On!  All of these things are progress—so be that person who goes after what they want and is happy to see others succeed as well.  The ball will come back in your court soon.  

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