The Intention, The Evolution

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“I’m in constant motion of becoming.  Becoming Strong.  Becoming Fit.  Becoming just.  Becoming Resilient.  Becoming Bulletproof.  What are you in the process of becoming?” Evy Poumpouras.  I’m in the process of un-becoming.  That has to come first.  The destruction of what I thought I was, of who I thought I was, of what I thought I wanted, of what I was “supposed” to be/want, of what previously made me happy.  Letting go of the weight of what was, that is where it all begins.  I’m looking at everything I was and the steps I’ve taken as I’m at a pivotal point in my life.  There is no longer a safety net and there is no longer keeping one hand on each rail.  It’s time to jump.

So in order to become something, I have to let go of something else.  That is natural.  And what do I want to become after this?  I don’t know.  I might sit in the soup of my cocoon for a while and try to figure it out.  Or I might let it tell me what to do.  I feel like I’ve been directing the ship for too long.  I’ve been too many things to too many people and, as hyper aware as I have been of my feelings, I haven’t been aware enough of my identity.  I mistook what I felt for who I was. 

I talk a lot about evolution and conscious change because I believe it and I know we can do it.  I’ve witnessed hundreds of people transform themselves.  So I can undertake my transformation without fear.  It’s time.  Becoming strong seems like a good place to start.  Strong enough to release what I really want to say to those around me.  Strong enough to live the life I want.  Strong enough to hold boundaries.  Strong enough to let go.  Strong enough to accept whatever comes or goes in my life.  Letting go of the bullshit story is where it starts.  I’m in the process of becoming legendary.  Even if it’s in my own life…I will make an impact.

Sometimes the most powerful revolutions start small.  They start with a breath, maybe a tear or two, then a single step forward.  They start with listening to the knowing we all have inside of us.  Look at what you’ve done.  Be proud.  Love yourself and acknowledge what you’ve done to get here.  Whether you’ve had the way paved for you and are breaking out of the safety of that path or you’ve had to break down the barriers by hand, you’re taking a chance on your life. Decide you don’t want to stay where you are any longer and put yourself in motion.  No, it doesn’t have to be a certain way to show the world you’re doing something—it just has to be something to change your world.

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