Different Languages

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words.  Listen.”  Via paradise awakening.  When we talk about voices that don’t use words, there is something internal but there are signs all around us as well.  Nature speaks to us, numbers speak to us, a person we’re thinking about reaches out.  We have to learn to speak that language. 

For about a month, I’ve been disconnected from everything around me.  I’ve been in my head a lot and I’ve been emotional.  I lost touch with recognizing what I was really going after.  I lost touch with what was really me.  And I will fully acknowledge I was off my rocker.  I was putting my spin on everything and not really seeing or hearing the message for what it was.  I’ve been working really hard to come back down and see and feel again.  The piece I wrote yesterday touched on my plans to get back in touch with myself again, and that is what I was talking about.  I needed time to reconnect and see the signs again.

We are given signs when we need to pay attention to the signs as well.  We will keep thinking about something, or we will get a feeling.  Our body will crave something or want us to move in a certain way.  Things repeat, we see them over and over again until we can’t ignore them again.  We are meant to follow those signs and to trust our instincts about what they mean.  Those are our reminders that we are connected to nature and we are spiritual.  We need to hear the answers within and around us. 

Our society tends to move at such a fast pace that we completely ignore what’s around us and even what’s within us.  We make our lives more about keeping up instead of listening to our instincts.  We are trained to do as we are told and that the messages we receive are meaningless.  This is your reminder that we are part of nature, we are born from the universe, and we are VERY much connected to the Earth around us whether we like to admit it or not.  It is our responsibility to remember who we are and let go of what we are told to be and that means hearing those voices and believing them.

One of my teachers used to tell us that our bodies will give us signs long before something happens and it will start with an ache and then progress to getting hit by a 2X4 until we acknowledge it—don’t wait to be taken down.  It can also start with confusion, and being overly emotional—I mean, I have no idea 😉—and we need to decipher what it is we really need.  I may joke about it now, but this last month has been draining on a new level, but it is a good reminder that anything that makes us feel off is a sign to pause and figure out what is really going on.  I got in my own way for a long time, let my ego stop me, let my fears get to me, and I realize that it was just nature telling me that I needed to do something differently.  What whispers are you hearing? 

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