Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for breakthrough.  I’ve realized how much pressure I’ve put on myself to be and do all the things.  To be the greatest, to do the most, to do it all at once.  And I’ve been miserable.  I’ve realized it is NOT normal to continually say yes and take things on that don’t belong to you.  It is not normal to give up more of your personal life for a corporation in exchange for…NOTHING.  There is no point in having a title if it doesn’t change the circumstances or if you’re not allowed to do some good with it.  We don’t need more power, we need more freedom.  We don’t need permission, we need empowerment.  In spite of this last emotional breakdown, I am glad to see these truths on the other side.  Getting clear on what is important is the first step toward what you want.

Today I am grateful for release.  Well, naturally along with breakthrough comes release.  It genuinely feels like a weight has been lifted off of me.  I’ve forgotten how to be spontaneous and how to laugh.  Not that we haven’t had spontaneous moments (I’ve written about quite a few of them over the weeks), but that isn’t being spontaneous or joyful.  That was more like life leaking through the façade and I let a few happy moments in.  Life is meant to be happy.  It is meant to be lived with ease.  Not that it is easy but that we all have a natural rhythm and flow and THAT is what creates the ease.  When we go against it, that is when the struggle hits.  And I’ve been fighting an uphill battle for a while. 

Today I am grateful for where I am.  When you’re trying to balance all the things of life, you often forget where you are.  It gets overwhelming and disorienting and incredibly draining.  You constantly move with no gain and there comes a point where you just have to stop.  So for today, I’m stopping.  I’m evaluating what needs to be done in my life and what steps I legitimately want to take.  I’m looking at who I want to be.  I’m looking at the life I want to create.  And I’m making the choice to go for the option that supports that.    

Today I am grateful for options.  It took me a while but I realized that the struggle with my emotions (at least in part) was due to the fact that I felt trapped.  We all get overwhelmed and we all start to feel like we have limited options in one capacity or another and it felt like I was drowning for a minute.  I had to stop thrashing about long enough to settle and really gather my bearings.  To really see what I COULD do.  I still feel overwhelmed with the choices that need to be made, but I am SO grateful that I at least have the options to make a choice. 

Today I am grateful for the reminder that life is what we make it.  With the reclaiming of time, personal power, and realizing that I have options comes the next logical step: architect what I do want.  It’s a topic I talk about often and I fully believe in it.  But when we go back and look at how we are straddling two worlds, sometimes we fall into old patterns.  We ALWAYS have the option to start again, to say no, to say yes, to choose again, to choose differently—and we have the ability to do all of that without regret.  IF that is what we want to do, then DO it.  The things that don’t fit, let them go.  The toxic people who make you feel like a burden/don’t appreciate you, let them go.  The fears that you’re letting the world down, let them go.  All of that weight you release on behalf of people who wouldn’t lift a cotton ball for you lets you fly.  Let them down and lift yourself up—every time, over and over again. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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